Edition 1 – Hardening the target, has been published

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Don’t forget; as well as the main body of the magazine we will also be building additional content which will be added directly to the site. Contributors are very welcome! Please get in touch to discuss, we will help you every step of the way!

TPSO is THE peer support magazine for front-line security professionals!

TPSO is specifically for SECURITY OFFICERS and PROFESSIONAL FRONT-LINE SECURITY OPERATIVES. It is produced by dedicated and experienced security officers!

Congratulations Mike and Rollo – you have reset the content bar in such a way many long established publications should be worried – Philip Ingram MBE via Twitter 10/09/18

It is written to help you in your jobs by:

  • keeping you up to date with news, views and security issues
  • helping with CPD, training and career development
  • networking and building contacts

TPSO is actively building a high level industry knowledge base. This will be available free via this website. A membership function is available (top left corner of page) so that anyone wishing to follow the site and be kept up to date with news and views can register. There will be no charge for registering with us. We promise not to sell or share your details!

I am delighted to be amongst so many influential contributors to this great initiative, Rick Mounfield CSyP FSyI, Chief Executive The Security Institute via Linkedin 10/09/18

  • The first edition of The Professional Security Officer Magazine is primarily aimed at providing information that will help security professionals to ‘harden the target’. We explore ways to make the areas that you protect less attractive to criminals and other wrongdoers! See also the growing number of blog posts. Edition one was published on 10th September 2018
  • Edition two will deal with ‘Health, safety and welfare at work’ issues relevant to the security industry. Edition two expected publication date Jan/Feb 2019…
  • Edition three will deal with ‘Terrorism & Criminal Activity, recognition, prevention & response!’ Edition three expected publication date June/July 2019…
  • Edition four will deal with ‘CPD & Career Development’. Edition four expected publication date August/September 2019, however CPD & Professional Development is an ongoing background theme of the magazine and is one of the main reasons for this initiative…
  • Edition five will deal with ‘Physical Security & Technology’. Publication date to be confirmed…
  • Edition six will deal with ‘Fire Safety & Prevention’. Publication date to be confirmed…

The magazine is published in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Flip-book (online)
  • Articles will also be published on this site
  • Hard copy (limited run)

This “niche” publication is understandably attracting a huge amount of attention and support from all sectors of the industry!

Between them TPSO founders have almost 60 years’ experience in the UK security industry. This, combined with Police and Military backgrounds, ensures that the publishers have become recognised subject matter experts in their fields. They have exceptional industry experience and knowledge!

Work with us?

We cordially invite interest from industry writers and bloggers to contribute to this site. Blog posts and articles of interest are in addition to those that will feature in the magazine.