10 things you need to know about radio earpieces


A radio earpiece can be beneficial in many different situations and it’s important to know how, when and why you should use one. This article provided some valuable tips on what to consider before making a purchase and the difference between different types of earpieces. Now that you’re more familiar with radio earpieces, keep in mind these factors when shopping for one:

Different types of earpieces

There are three main types of earpiece: throat, behind-the-ear and in the ear. The most popular type is behind-the-ear because it can be concealed easily underneath a camouflage cap or headscarf. A throat microphone is also popular, but not as discreet. It does provide great sound quality and the user’s voice through the audio device comes out loud and clear. The benefit of an in-the-ear earpiece is that it provides optimum sound quality and it is the most discreet type, as long as it fits properly.

Choosing the right one

It’s important to choose an earpiece that is comfortable, secure, compatible with your radio communication equipment and appropriate for your needs. Choose the type of earpiece based on your preferences, the work environment and your budget.

When to use one

A radio earpiece should be used whenever you need to keep your hands free or when it’s necessary for you to have a private conversation. You can use an earpiece with your portable radio or mobile phone.

If you’re working in a noisy environment, an earpiece will provide you with clear communications and a discreet way to monitor conversations. An earpiece is also an alternative if you need to concentrate on a task and don’t want to be distracted by what’s going on around you or by different noises coming from your radio communications.

What to look for when purchasing an earpiece

Each type of earpiece has different advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing an earpiece, you should make sure it’s compatible with your radio communication equipment, that it fits comfortably in the ear canal and if the model is easy to clean.

An earpiece should be of top quality, durable, long lasting and compatible with different brands of radios. You should also make sure the earpiece model is easy to use on a daily basis.

Compatible with two way radios

Make sure you purchase an earpiece that is compatible with your radio communication equipment, with all the different brands of two way radios on the market they all tend to have their own connector, and many of the major brands have several different connectors, for example, the Motorola radios have at least seven connectors and Hytera have four different connectors. So it is important that you buy the right connector for the radio you are using.

Wearing for long shifts

Make sure it’s comfortable to wear for extended periods. It should fit in your ears securely but won’t get in your way when working or performing other tasks. Lastly, it should provide clear reception and transmission, if you find that the person you are speaking to has difficulty understanding what you are saying, or if they complain of loud crackling and noise, then it’s time to get a new earpiece.

Not too visible or bulky

If you’re working in a public place, such as retail or hospitality where appearance is key, then choose an earpiece that’s not too visible. For outdoor work during the day, consider buying an earpiece with a bright or reflective finish so it can be seen more easily by co-workers.

Maintaining an Earpiece

If you’re using an earpiece that is easy to clean, then you should always use the provided equipment or alcohol wipes. If not, then make sure it’s safe to submerge into water and use soap and water to clean it thoroughly after each shift. Also provide regular inspection of your earpiece cord for wear and tear and replace it when necessary.

Drawbacks associated with using an earpiece

Make sure the earpiece cord is fully extended and lay flat. When retracting it back, make sure you give yourself enough room to do so without causing any knots or tangles. After using an earpiece for a long period of time, take it apart and clean all the pieces carefully. If this process is too difficult then consider buying a new one.

Keep your earpiece dry and away from water, avoid using it in wet conditions where possible. If you are caught in the rain or have to work outdoors, switch to a mobile or portable radio instead.

Universal Earpieces


Universal earpieces are designed with removable connectors, this allows the user to have one earpiece and swap the connector for the radio they are using for that shift, this is cost-effective for anyone that uses more than two different radios at work as the price of an earpiece and two connectors is cheaper than that of two different earpieces.

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