1st Choice Facilities Services deploys SmartTask to save time, drive industry compliance and improve service delivery

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Control Room operatives save 5 hours on check calls during a typical 8 hour night-shift, releasing time back to proactive monitoring and support.

SmartTask, a UK-based developer of cloud workforce management solutions, has announced that 1st Choice, one of the UK’s fastest growing workplace service providers, has deployed SmartTask software to automate check calls and better support staff and customers.  Since introducing the technology, the Security Division at 1st Choice has released on average 40 minutes per hour during a typical night-shift, improved clarity of Control Room operations and enhanced compliance with Security Industry Authority (SIA) certification.

1st Choice turned to SmartTask in December 2021 after discovering that many Control Room staff were spending most of their time doing check calls.  Ease of use combined with high levels of configurability across a single, integrated platform made SmartTask the perfect choice. 

Automated check calls now allow the Security Division’s five controllers to focus on other activities such as monitoring CCTV installations, building efficient schedules and ensuring security staff are getting paid for the right number of hours.  40-plus security guards at 1st Choice have the SmartTask mobile app installed on their phones while many of the sub-contractors benefit from SmartTask’s automated IVR system.

New check calls are triggered automatically so security guards simply acknowledge and complete them whilst out on patrol.  They can also check in and out of buildings and even manage their holidays using SmartTask on their mobile devices.  Meanwhile, GPS tracking enables Control Room staff to see exactly when guards check in and check out and where they are without having to call them.  The system flags up anomalies such as if part of a building has been missed and combined with alerts should there be a missed check call, can indicate if a security guard may need assistance.


Babs Willis, Control Room Manager, Security Division of 1st Choice Facilities Services Limited commented, “SmartTask has saved huge amounts of time doing check calls which we now devote to proactively supporting our security staff and customers.  The training and technical support we have received from the SmartTask team is great.  They are very forthcoming and quick to help.  So pleased are we with the initial implementation that word has got around and our colleagues in Contract Cleaning are looking to install SmartTask.”


1st Choice is using SmartTask’s e-Forms to create a central repository of information relating to site patrols, DOV vehicle checks and essential security guard documentation including qualifications and certificates.  This is critical for ensuring staff are Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved and provides alerts when re-certification is required.  For example, an inbuilt countdown timer shows how many days are left on a guard’s licence. 

Paul Ridden CEO of SmartTask concluded, “Our objective is to design software that helps our customers boost the efficiency of their operations while enhancing staff and customer care.  Automating cumbersome manual tasks such as check calls is an essential first step, releasing valuable time that can be channelled into higher-value tasks. Having all information in one place provides the Control Room at 1st Choice, the nerve centre of their operation, with the transparency they need to ensure the welfare of security staff, meet customer service levels and drive industry compliance.”

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