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           Foreword by Rollo Davies MSyI. - p5
           News & Industry Update. - p6
           Window Shopping, by Rick Mounfield CSyP FSyI. - p9
           Useful Contact Information! - p12
           A Developing Threat Environment for Frontline Staff, by Philip Ingram MBE. - p14
           Hotel Security - Target Hardening With a Smile, by Tony O’Brien. - p18
           The Security Industry Twitter Awards #SyTAwards. - p22
           Introducing Diphoterine® - An Effective Emergency Response to an Acid or Corrosive Substance Attack! - p25
           The National Business Crime Centre, by DCI Georgie Barnard. Metropolitan Police. - p30
           Know Your Site - Intelligence Gathering for Security Staff, by Michael O’Sullivan. - p32
           Product Review: The VizShock, Personal X-20P. - p34
           Is Online Learning For Me? by Dr Alison Wakefield FSyI. - p36
           Competition - p39
           Managing Your Marketability in a Competitive Jobs Market, by Mike Hurst CPP MSyI FIRP. - p40
           Security Services 3.0 - Navigating the Thriving Security Market, by Mark Folmer CPP MSyI. - p46
           Zero to Hero. An Interview with Rob Kennedy BA(Hons) MSyI. - p49
           Trade Union Membership, by Rollo Davies MSyI. - p52
           Social Media Recommendations. - p54
           Threat Convergence – Gone, But Not Forgotten, by Mike Gillespie. - p60
           Contract Security - Where Do Things Go Wrong? by Mark Robinson. - p63
           The Way We Were: Physical and Cyber - A Love Story? by Mark Chapple MSyI. - p66
           Alarm Response - Hardening the Target, by Rollo Davies MSyI. - p72
           Lone Working in the Security Industry. - p75
           Lone Worker Safety Expo. - p80
           The National Association for Healthcare Security, by John Currie. - p81
           What the Security Profession can Learn from the Novichok Crisis, by Dan Kaszeta. - p84
           Security Industry Events Listing. - p88

                                                 A Special Thank You

              We have a lot of people to thank for their support in producing this magazine. We would
              like to express a special thank you to Alison Wakefield, Chairman of the Security Institute,
              who has devoted so much of her valuable time and energy to helping us over the past few
              months. Alison has acted as a creative consultant to TPSO! Her ideas and suggestions have
              helped shape the magazine that you are now reading! Alison has also contributed a must
              read article to this edition...

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