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Welcome to the first edition of

           The Professional Security O�cer Magazine.....

                  here are many thousands of Men and Women, working on the front line in the UK Security Industry
                  who really care about protection of people and property, and genuinely understand the value of
           Tthe work we do. Our roles are vital, but sadly, are too frequently maligned and unappreciated by
           an un-enlightened public, and sometimes even by our employers.

           However, there is a large and growing movement to change this..... Believe it or not, organisations like
           the Metropolitan Police, Security Institute and even the SIA, know that things have to improve massively.
           TPSO Magazine is going to be a very big part of that!

           Hard working and committed professionals like you, deserve both genuine recognition, and proper
           reward, for the huge responsibility that rests on your shoulders. Support, information, professional
           development and guidance, will be the tools to raise standards in our industry and will become the rungs
           of the ladder on which dedicated and motivated security workers will climb to success. With increased
           standards, we will eventually see those misguided individuals that feel that security is the easy and ‘lazy’
           way to earn a living, finally start to disappear from our ranks. It is long overdue. It won’t happen over
           night. But it will happen.

           We at TPSO Magazine are front line security workers too. We understand your issues, know the problems
           you face, and intend to make things better. Many international security industry BIG names, from many
           fields, feel the way we do, and want to share their knowledge.

           There are also interviews and articles by men and women, working on the front line, that are happy to
           share advice on how to get the job done and get noticed! We have news, useful info, product reviews and
           a whole heap of content of interest to the Professional Security Officer, in whatever sector of the industry
           you work in.

           We want to improve working life for all of us, and create a loud and unified voice for Front Line Security
           Professionals like you. If you want to help us to make the Security Industry better, please spread the word,
           get involved, get in touch, tell us your stories and tell us what YOU want from TPSO Magazine.

                                            “The Professional Security Officer”.

                                                    Its Your Magazine!

                                                   Rollo Davies                               Rollo Davies

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           magazine or associated site. The information provided in whatever format is on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of
           completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness.

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