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           The Security Institute Launches ‘Next Generation’ Initiative

           20th July 2018……  The Security
           Institute (SyI) has launched a new
           initiative to inspire and attract young
           people to consider a career within the
           security industry.

                    he “Next Generation” Security
                    programme is backed by an ambitious 10-year plan designed to change perceptions about the
                    security industry and to showcase the career opportunities that exist to 13 – 17 years who are
           Tconsidering their career options.
           Next Generation has already received extensive industry backing with 50 businesses and organisations
           stepping up to offer work experience programmes and lend their support to the initiative. Baroness Ruth
           Henig of Lancaster CBE CSyI, President of the Security Institute is also lending her support.

           The Security Institute’s 10-year plan to improve perceptions of the industry will seek to address the longer
           term issues such as the gender pay gap, improving diversity in the profession and specifically look at
           promoting lifelong learning, professional development and security qualifications.

           “We must promote to young people the key role security plays in our society” comments Rick Mounfield
           CSyP FSyI, Chief Executive of the Security Institute; “The security profession is one of the most ‘job
           secure’ lines of employment on offer to young people today, but unfortunately the perception of security
           is poor, often fixated on the image of a security officer in a retail setting. The reality is very different. Our
           industry offers a range of rewarding career paths beyond simple security guarding, it is a professional
           career of choice with a clear pathway to leadership.

           “Since April this year we have been garnering support from across the security disciplines to provide an
           opportunity to showcase the industry’s diverse portfolio of jobs that will cater for STEM capable and the
           less academic teenagers that would thrive in a team supporting the Police and wider security function.
           With the help of our private sector and public industry partners we are setting out to change this and
           build a better reputation as well as increase understanding about what is on offer.”

           Paul Barnard MSyI, Director of the Security Institute and of Ward Security, who has been a driving force
           behind the initiative, said; “There is a real need for the security industry to address the reasons why we
           are not attracting bright young people and to change perceptions that it does offer both an interesting
           and life long career choice.

           “Having had a successful career both in the City of London Police and now in the security industry I
           know first-hand how rewarding it can be as well as the importance of the convergence of the security
           industry with the national security strategy. The security industry is crucial for the ongoing defence and
           security of our nation and it is important we take action now to address the recruitment issues and to
           attract the calibre of people we need to help us protect our society over the long term.”

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