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           The Security Institute Launches ‘Next Generation’ Initiative continued from page 7
           The SyI will begin its roll out of the Next Generation initiative at the International Security Expo
           in November where it has organised to host a group of 50 secondary school age children, including
           Volunteer Police Cadets, for a guided tour of the show with the aim of demonstrating all the disciplines
           and diversity that the security sector can offer. It will also match these children with three-day work
           experience placements hosted by its business partners in their local area.
           The SyI will replicate this activity at four other expos in 2019, including IFSEC in June.

           If your organisation is interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact Rick Mounfield
           via email ( and keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Next Gen website.

           New survey reveals the UK’s ‘Burglary Capital’.

                   new study by insurers, Swinton, has identified the place in the UK where you are most likely
                   to suffer a residential break in. Manchester residents are the unlucky holders of this dubious
           A honour. Strangely, London doesn’t even make the top 10!

           Other towns making up the top 10 include: Middlesbrough, Leeds, Kingston-Upon-Hull, Blackpool,
           Liverpool and Luton.

           Safest places to live? Perth in Scotland, Stoke-On-Trent and Exeter all score very well. I still wouldn’t go
           out without locking my doors though.

           Home Office, Security Industry Authority Review, Published in


                  his triennial review covering 2016 and 2017, was conducted on behalf of the Home Secretary to
                  make recommendations in to how the delivery of services by the Private Security Industry (PSI)
           Tcan be improved. The review also looked at what regulation of the sector will look like over the
           next decade.

           Key Proposals were:
           •      Regulation of “In-House” security staff.
           •      That Industry wide regulation be maintained and updated.
           •      Licensing of all businesses that provide security services.
           •      Purchasers of security services being liable for the quality of the security services they use.

           Find the full report at:

           Interesting times.... TPSO will update you when any decisions are finalised and look at how they may
           effect us.

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