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Window Shopping

                                                                                Rick Mounfield MSc CSyP FSyI

                  harles  Caleb  Colton  1780  –  1832, once  My Friend and a member of the Security Institute,
                  said: “There are two ways of establishing  Rich Diston (physical security professional turned
           Ca reputation, one to be praised by honest  cyber  professional) described  this yesterday  with
           people and the other to be accused by rogues. It is  clarity, “There is no Cyber security or protective
           best, however, to secure the first one, because it will  security, there is only security”. He is right. Like
           always be accompanied by the latter”.              engineering, the roles may be different, but the aim
                                                              is the same.
           There is no industry I know where that is more
           relevant. The Security Industry is full of selfless,  I have a firm belief though, that some disciplines
           innovative and brave people, but it also has its fair  of security are more recognisable than others
           share of  egoists, dismissing any idea  that is not  and Frontline Security is the shop window for all
           their  own.  So  many  self-  proclaimed  specialists,  security disciplines. The face of security that the
           professionals  and  experts  who  base  their  claims  public sees is uniformed and Hi Vis! It is therefore
           on shallow or historic experience. All of this gives  imperative that the conduct and training invested
           the security sector a bad reputation amongst those  in this vital employment area is substantial.
           that buy our services. Only those that perform  Security Officers all over the country represent
           admirably, with honesty and selflessness reinforce  the entire industry. Their professional conduct
           our reputation as a valuable service.              reflects all the great work that is not seen in other
                                                              sectors. However, their failures tarnish us all with
           I have the privilege to work alongside true  the same brush.
           professionals in disciplines that stretch from
           Cyber and Engineering, Manned Security Services  I      am      heavily     invested             in
           and  Close  Protection  to  Resilience  and  Business  promoting  the   manned
           Continuity Management. I see the collaborations  guarding sector and sit on
           that are making a difference in all sectors, most  the SIA’s Security Industry
           of which is known by many, but only within their  Skills and Qualifications            “I WANT
           employed sector and certainly not known by the  Review       board     as         THE SECURITY
           general population.  I am lucky to be in a role that  well as the Licence   OFFICER TO BE VIEWED
           is not tied to one sector, The Security Institute  Linked qualifications       AS A PROFESSIONAL
           embraces all disciplines, encourages Continuous  working group. I
           Professional  Development  (CPD)  and offers  the  want the Security            ADDING VALUE TO
           peer reviewed acceptance that Charles Colton  Officer to be viewed             THE PUBLIC. THIS
           spoke of over 200 years ago.  This gives me a pretty  as  a  professional    REQUIRES INVESTMENT
           unique perspective of our industry.                adding    value    to        IN TRAINING AND
           The security Industry is very similar in composition  the  public.   This
           to the Engineering sector. They have roles from  requires investment in          STANDARDS.”
           software engineering in IT to Civil Engineering in  training and standards.
           National infrastructure. These jobs are so different  Promotion of best practice
           but aim to achieve the same thing; innovation for  demonstrating value to the public
           the advancement of our capabilities as a species. We  and buyers of security services. Difficult  as that
           have a vast diversity of roles all under the banner  may be, we owe it to ourselves to persevere.
           “Security”. A Cyber security penetration tester is
           a world away from a supply chain security officer
           but essentially their aim is the same, outsmarting                                  continued overleaf..
           criminals and protecting assets and people.

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