Get Licensed appoints Rollo Davies as Manager of their new Flexible Staffing, shift fulfilment service

Get Licensed is thrilled to announce the appointment of Rollo Davies as the Manager of their groundbreaking Flexible Staffing service. Rollo, a seasoned consultant with over a year of experience working closely... Read more »

New eLearning Sponsor for IFPO UK

Assist Security Service announced as the new eLearning sponsor As a membership organisation supporting frontline security professionals, education and certification is at the heart of our activities.  We are excited to announce... Read more »

Halting the rise of ransomware: how zero trust can mean zero loss

iStorage CEO, John Michael, considers why ransomware attacks are again on the rise and how encryption and backups are critical ways to take the sting out of hackers’ ransom demands Despite hope... Read more »

Book Review: Clever Security, Clever Business

“Clever Security, Clever Business” is a comprehensive guide authored by two highly experienced security professionals. They have successfully condensed their wealth of knowledge into an accessible format for readers interested in the... Read more »

Making Our City Safer Letter from Don Randall Chairman CoLCPA

The City of London Crime Prevention Association, in collaboration with various agencies, seeks input from women in the City to assess their safety and gather suggestions. The Prevent Violence Against Women &... Read more »

The Rise of AI and Robotics in Security Guarding: The Dawn of the RoboGuard Era

You might think of robot security officers as something from a science fiction movie, but they’ve been getting better for a while now. Back in 2014, Britain introduced “Bob,” which was its... Read more »

New Genetec research shows cybersecurity concerns continue to rise among physical security professionals

Nearly a third of end-user respondents said their organisations were targeted by cyber threats. LONDON, October 24, 2023— As October brings cybersecurity awareness month into the spotlight, new research conducted by Genetec... Read more »

Answering the rise in security threats with better communication and surveillance

Police recorded crime in England and Wales in the year ending December 2022 exceeded pre-coronavirus pandemic levels. The number of professional security guards in the UK is on the decline, and it... Read more »

Canine Guardians: Harnessing Dogs for Effective Security Measures

In an age where security concerns have evolved to match the complexities of the modern world, innovative approaches are essential to safeguard lives and property. Among the most remarkable and time-tested solutions... Read more »

Has complacency crept in around the ‘people problem’? by Jon Fielding, managing director EMEA, Apricorn

The massive data breach suffered by Tesla in May is proof that any organisation – whatever its size, fame, and resources – remains at risk from the ‘insider threat’. The incident involved two... Read more »