Axis card readers win Red Dot Award for high design quality

Axis Communications, a leader in network video, has been successful in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023. The international jury has awarded AXIS A4020-E Reader and AXIS A4120-E Reader with Keypad the distinction “Red Dot”, which stands for high design quality. This recognition counts as the fifth time the company has received the prestigious Red Dot award.

AXIS A4000-E Series includes AXIS A4020-E Reader and AXIS A4120-E Reader with Keypad. Both devices were designed for public spaces and business-related contexts as complements to any access control system. Their robust and weather-resistant design makes these readers suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

“The tapered design of the housing towards the back gives the device an elegant appearance, while the interactive front is protected by a subtly faceted frame – a successful product development,” concluded the jury.

Designed to perfectly match Axis network door controllers and Axis credentials, these readers offer secure and seamless entry. AXIS A4020-E Reader features a mullion-mount design to fit perfectly in narrow spaces and door frame installations. AXIS A4120-E Reader with Keypad features an intuitive touch keypad that can be used an unlimited number of times. It’s easy to install on single gang boxes or mounted on the wall.

Jonas Sjögren, Manager of Design at Axis Communications, comments on the design of AXIS A4000-E Series:

“We aimed at creating solid, uniform products that are balanced with sophistication to be able to naturally fit in the context of a modern building. I would say we succeeded. “

As a network technology company offering products and solutions for improving security and business performance, Axis has a long history and vast experience in product design. Innovative and qualitative design have always been a key focus. Where ‘function’ has always been essential, the role of ‘form’ has become increasingly important. Alongside this, the users of surveillance and security technologies have become increasingly varied, and with it the need to design intuitive use.

“Axis has a high-quality design principle that we need to adhere to. At the same time, as many of our new products are being used by people with little or no technical training, the devices need to be easy to use by everyone. It’s an interesting challenge and we are proud to see that our efforts have paid off.”, Sjögren continues.

As a result of the company’s dedicated focus on product design, Axis Communications has previously been awarded with the Red Dot for products within several different product categories, such as its network speakers and body worn cameras.

About Axis Communications

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating solutions for improving security and business performance. As a network technology company and industry leader, Axis offers solutions in video surveillance, access control, intercom, and audio systems. They are enhanced by intelligent analytics applications and supported by high-quality training. Axis has around 4,000 dedicated employees in over 50 countries and collaborates with technology and system integration partners worldwide to deliver customer solutions. Axis was founded in 1984, and the headquarters are in Lund, Sweden.

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About the Author: Michael O'Sullivan