BBC International Correspondent Seeks Insight from Security Industry Federation Members

Theo Leggett, BBC International Correspondent, has reached out to the Security Industry Federation, urging its members to come forward with information regarding the proliferation of Facebook and WhatsApp groups/companies advertising security jobs below minimum wage and offering short-notice assignments at locations where stringent security measures are expected. In a bid to combat these unethical practices, Leggett is calling upon industry professionals to share their first-hand experiences of accepting such precarious work conditions or any pertinent information they may possess regarding this alarming trend.

Expressing concern over the exploitation of security personnel and the potential compromise of security standards, the Security Industry Federation stands united in its resolve to eliminate these illicit activities from the industry.

Johanna Watling, Chief Administrative Officer at the Security industry Federation said:

The security industry is plagued, with rogue companies regularly offering cash in hand via WhatsApp groups to fill last minute shifts below minimum wage, skirting necessary safety/standard checks, therefore jeopardising both security and safety. It is particularly alarming that the work advertised is often to fill shifts at some of our most trusted, longstanding high street retailers who’s brands are synonymous with quality.  Here at SIF we are particularly concerned about the safety issue that this creates for our members, who may be working alongside cover staff who are not vetted and therefore potentially unfit to perform the role, leaving our members vulnerable without appropriately qualified officers to work alongside. This terrible practise must stop. We recognise the importance of upholding the integrity of the security sector and ensuring fair and just working conditions for all security personnel. By collaborating with Theo Leggett and the BBC, we aim to shed light on these practices and work collectively to eradicate them from our industry 

The Security Industry Federation encourages not only its members, but anyone who can help, to come forward and contribute to this vital initiative.

For media inquiries or to provide information, please contact Johanna Watling at .

Together, let us take a stand against exploitation and uphold the integrity of our industry.

About Security Industry Federation:

The Security Industry Federation is the only security only Trade Union in the UK. They welcome members from all areas of the industry, offering support and representation for all employment related issues. As a collective voice for the industry, they advocate for regulatory policies, standards and practices that promote safety, professionalism and equality within the private security sector. 

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