Book Review: Clever Security, Clever Business

Clever Security, Clever Business” is a comprehensive guide authored by two highly experienced security professionals. They have successfully condensed their wealth of knowledge into an accessible format for readers interested in the field of security management. This book offers valuable insights and practical advice on building and maintaining an effective Security Management System (SeMS).

Part One of the book sets the stage by introducing readers to the concept of the “Security Opportunity.” The authors emphasize the importance of seizing this opportunity and provide readers with a blueprint for success in security management. They also guide readers on how to make the best use of the book as a resource for reimagining security practices.

Part Two, titled “Designing Your SeMS,” looks at the core aspects of security management. The authors cover a wide range of topics, including security assurance, threat and risk management, incident response, and more. Each chapter provides valuable insights and practical strategies for implementing effective security measures within an organization. The inclusion of topics like continuous improvement and communication highlights the authors’ commitment to a holistic approach to security management.

Part Three, “Building Your SeMS,” takes readers through the rules for success in security management. The authors emphasize the importance of evolving the SeMS, considering capability and maturity levels, and provide guidance on the phases of the SeMS plan. This section offers readers a structured approach to implementing and refining security management practices over time.

One of the notable features of this book is the inclusion of a self-assessment questionnaire in the appendix. This tool allows readers to evaluate their organization’s current security management practices and identify areas for improvement.

Clever Security, Clever Business” is a commendable resource for security professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and practices in security management. The authors’ extensive experience shines through in the detailed insights and practical advice provided throughout the book.

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