BURG-WÄCHTER Post Boxes Provide Stylish and Practical Protection

Leading security specialist, Burg-Wächter, pairs robust, high-quality materials with sleek, practical features to create a champion range of post boxes. German crafted from a range of superb materials, the range includes post boxes to suit all budgets and meet every customer need.

Robust German quality

Manufactured using only the finest materials, Burg-Wächter prioritises peace of mind and steadfast security. The range includes post boxes made from plastics, stainless or galvanised steel, and cast aluminium, meaning customers will easily find a box to suit their budget. The post boxes are made to be weather proof so they will provide customers with peace of mind knowing their post will be protected in harsher weather conditions, whilst a high-quality German made lock adds an extra layer of security for post. Burg-Wächter also has post catchers designed to fit the inside of letter plates, classic US post boxes and larger parcel boxes for anyone needing a bigger box for their post.

Wide variety of designs

Burg-Wächter’s post boxes suit any need with some models including practical features such as an integrated newspaper holder. Accessing your post is easy and practical with easy to open side or drop-front opening mail retrieval doors, and some have extra depth to make sure your post is kept tidy and not squashed together.

Most ranges come in a variety of colours and that can be colour matched to composite doors or windows, meaning you can really make your post box your own and make sure it fits in with your style.

Ideal for shared spaces

Burg-Wächter provides ranges of banked post boxes that can be stacked or mounted on a wall together. Ideally suited to an office or residential space where different people have post delivered, it is an easy and convenient way to keep post separate and confidential. In addition, the range of colours and name plates available makes it convenient for each person to find their own post box easily.

Designed to meet all customer’s needs, there is a post box for everyone in Burg-Wächter’s extensive range. Incorporating high-quality German engineering with the customer’s need for choice, Burg-Wächter once again excels at prioritising customer satisfaction.

For more information on Burg-Wächter’s stylish range of post boxes or any of its home security products, visit www.burg.biz/uk or call 01274 395 333.

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