Calipsa Masterclass: The Evolution of the Security Industry

On their home page Calipsa state:

Better crime prevention starts with fewer false alarms – Reduce false alarms by 85% with Calipsa. The False Alarm Filtering Platform transforming video monitoring.

So I was very interested in hearing what they had to say. The workshop was held on 14th November 2019 in London and was well attended. It was a fascinating and very educational event. It was interesting to hear the proposed definitions of true and false alarms. True involving human activity and false those not involving human activity, such as animals, rubbish being blown around and flapping plastic covers on scaffolding as examples.

Afternoon round table feedback – a hive of activity!

There was also an overview of how the system is trained to differentiate between true and false and how this leads to deciding which alarms are forwarded for further investigation and action.

Content & speakers:

  • The State of CCTV Security 2019 – Rashid Khan, CEO and Co-founder of Calipsa
  • Behind the Scenes: Calipsa’s Machine Learning Engine – Boris Ploix, CTO and Co-founder of Calipsa
  • Taking the Long View – Michael Askew, Founder and Managing Director of Monitor Computer Systems
  • Digital Risk Management – Chris Carter Brennan, CEO of CONXTD Technologies

There were also 4 round table events:

  • Using technology to improve employee wellbeing and morale
  • Understanding machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Innovative growth strategies for scaling your business
  • How to sell new technology solutions to your installers

I sat in on ‘Using technology to improve employee wellbeing and moral’. Although I think the case was made that reducing false alarms reduces stress on operators the security industry is still the security industry, with low pay and long hours continuing to be a challenge for employers and employees both.

Calipsa is a company to follow – their bold ambition to get to 100% reduction in false alarms makes them one to watch. I’d like to thank them for a brilliant event and the opportunity to learn more about the future of CCTV and the developing technology driving it.

A demonstration can be booked via their home page: