Career in financial crime – making a start!

Arguably financial crime affects everyone, fraud is featured in the media almost daily! The authorities are accused of treating it as a low priority crime and in the UK the advertised authority for collating reports of fraud activity and ensuring that they are acted on, Action Fraud UK, has been heavily criticised as being ineffective. One to watch.

Bottom line, when the moneys gone it tends to stay gone! It doesn’t matter if you are a private individual or a large multinational corporation, all of us are targets for fraudsters and can be affected by financial crime.

It goes without saying that an educated and aware target is more difficult to rip off. Education in financial crime is useful at any level – simply put any level of awareness is better than none.

I’ve spoken to countless people who have spotted, to them, obvious attempts to get them to share financially sensitive information. The same people spot anomalies at work that save their employers incalculable financial harm, and in the process, help safeguard their jobs! If the boss gets ripped off, stands to reason there’s less money to pay wages and develop the business.

Whether you have benefited from a University that opens doors for you in the financial crime sector or investigating it from a different background, it’s never too early or late to start.

While researching this edition I found numerous books, videos and blogs on Fraud and financial crime. However important self-study and research is you can’t beat training with experts.

As part of the research I found several very interesting looking training providers, but narrowed my own preferences down to the courses offered by The International Compliance Association (ICA)

The ICA is a professional membership and awarding body. We are the leading global provider of professional, certificated qualifications in anti-money laundering; governance, risk and compliance and financial crime prevention:

Once you’ve made a start you will be better informed and will be more aware of the opportunities available to enhance or indeed, change your career. There’s nothing quite like thwarting a fraudster to generate a sense of a day well spent…