Raising awareness on Menopause

Mireille Burge, HR Manager at City Group Security, highlights the importance of raising awareness in the workplace to support everyone dealing with Menopause. Menopause is a natural stage in life that brings... Read more »

Workplace violence is NOT the problem in the UK retail industry! by Tom Richmond

As a retailer, If you are making hundreds of millions, if not billions of pounds in profit every year, you don’t have a workplace violence and shoplifting problem. You have a managerial... Read more »

Risk Aware: Why businesses need to consider their understanding and management of risk

By Phil Robinson, Principal Security Consultant at Prism Infosec The risks facing the business are the ways in which its data, resources and working practices could be adversely affected, impacting the ability... Read more »

Critical Thinking: An Essential Skill for Security Professionals

Critical thinking involves analyzing and evaluating an issue to form a well-reasoned judgment. For security specialists, this skill is crucial for making informed decisions, solving complex problems, and understanding the implications of... Read more »

From CCTV to Biometrics: The Privacy Factor

The proliferation of biometric technologies is growing in both public and private domains. Advancements in biometric technologies, such as facial recognition, voice authentication, fingerprint, or iris scanning, are driving increased affordability, sophistication,... Read more »

Answering the rise in security threats with better communication and surveillance

Police recorded crime in England and Wales in the year ending December 2022 exceeded pre-coronavirus pandemic levels. The number of professional security guards in the UK is on the decline, and it... Read more »

The Unsung Threat of Physical Security: When Kindness Lets Strangers In

In the realm of security concerns, where technologically advanced systems and sophisticated procedures aim to protect, one often underestimated danger looms large: human politeness. Physical security, particularly in corporate settings, isn’t just... Read more »

The Meaningless Intimidation Tactic: Exploring the Use of the Word ‘Grass’

In certain contexts, the word ‘grass’ is employed as a means of intimidation, typically associated with criminal environments. This article briefly looks into the reasons why some individuals use this term to... Read more »

Effective Strategies for Retaining Staff in Security Firms

From construction sites to stadia, security is a vital part of ensuring that businesses and people remain protected. However, retaining talented employees in the security industry can be a significant challenge. Despite... Read more »

The Blogger’s Guide to Fact-Checking: Ensuring Accuracy and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Anonymous Sources

In today’s digital age, the responsibility of information accuracy extends beyond journalists and reaches bloggers and social media users. The rapid spread of misinformation can cause harm and confusion, making it critical... Read more »