Eurodrone: Airbus places major order with Kappa optronics

German camera experts convince with competences in aviation-qualified vision systems 15.06.2022 – Now it’s official: Kappa optronics is part of the European MALE RPAS program, the Eurodrone. The vision experts convinced in... Read more »

Product Review for the IMOU Bullet 2 Outdoor Security Camera

I asked for an IMOU camera to review and was sent an IMOU Bullet 2 Outdoor Security Camera: First impressions, its very smart, comes nicely packaged, well protected during transit. When... Read more »

How Can Surveillance Cameras Help to Improve Safety and Security?

Every new year brings a significant increase in the rate of crime and burglary. Intruders and thieves are targeting more homes and businesses. The increase in criminal cases has increased the value... Read more »

Why is CCTV essential to a construction site?

There are numerous reasons why construction sites need to be thoroughly and continuously monitored. Most of them, however, ultimately hinge on safety and/or security. Read more »

GSM technology solves entry challenge for residents

A luxury residential complex in Docklands, East London has opted for GSM technology to help it overcome the entry management challenges residents were facing. Cyclops Wharf is a riverside development that offers... Read more »

Global Leaders in Intellegent Security, IMOU, Launch New Outdoor Smart Home Security Cameras

Watch, listen, speak, analyse and act. Leaders in video-centric smart IOT solutions & services, Imou launch two new outdoor, smart home security cameras, the Bullet 2 and Cruiser. Imou’s newly launched cameras... Read more »

Videx introduces new video monitor for leading door entry range

Videx has launched a new premium video monitor for its flagship door entry system the VX2200 and its 2-wire video VX2300 range. The video monitor, coupled with the 6-wire VX2200 or 2-wire... Read more »

3 reasons why CCTV for business does more than deter thieves

CCTV is now accessible even to small businesses. In fact, it has become a must-have for businesses of all sizes. This is largely due to its ability to deter thieves. It can,... Read more »
video security report

New Ava report on CCTV reveals major security benefits and 2021 trends for retail sector

A new report, released by Video Security as a Service (VSaaS) provider Ava earlier this month, has revealed a range of benefits in implementing and extending advanced CCTV solutions in the UK’s... Read more »

7 Ways to Keep Your Shop or Business Premises More Secure

Over the year of the pandemic, there has been an exponential rise in retail and business theft. The unique mixture of empty units, lack of surveillance and opportunistic criminal behaviour created a... Read more »