Handling Office Bullies: Your Guide to Dealing with a ‘Bullycrat’

The term ‘Bullycrat’ may not sound familiar to you, but unfortunately, it’s something many encounter in their professional life. It refers to those who, bolstered by their position of power, resort to... Read more »

The Security Industry Federation – a dedicated trade union for security workers!

Currently the GMB is the main union that covers the security industry. Security workers in council buildings or NHS facilities might be in Unison, on the transport network our colleagues might be... Read more »

Ambition – Gift or a Curse

“Would you hire ex-military?” …4 out of the 5 said that they would not. When questioned, they responded the same, that they would go for their jobs. So would not hire someone... Read more »

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working in the Security Industry

Security is a rapidly growing industry that can offer you a stable and rewarding career with plenty of opportunity for growth and advancement. Read more »

I.D Fraud: How to Spot a Fake ID (& What to do if You Find One)

British law does not require most venues to check for ID as a matter of course. Instead, it is at the discretion of the venue itself whether or not to check ID... Read more »

Are you compliant with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations?

Post-Brexit, the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations replaces the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). To explain further, Lucinda Thorpe, Business Development Executive at Newgate shares her advice to its practicalities. The regulations apply... Read more »

Corps Security provides female staff with free personal security protection

Corps Security is giving all its female employees free personal security protection to keep them safe following the tragic death of Sarah Everard and a rise in concern around women’s safety. More... Read more »

Supported Self-Representation by Monaco Solicitors

How do you negotiate a fair ‘settlement agreement’ exit package deal when leaving your job after being badly treated at work? Without our Supported Self Representation service you can represent yourself. At... Read more »

Coronavirus time off from work: your right to get paid

The impact of Coronavirus (Covid 19) on employees at work This blog is based on a selection of questions that we have recently received from employees about absence from work and pay/sick... Read more »

10 Tips for returning from maternity leave

You are a highly respected professional – you are trusted by the directors; you have recruited a fantastic team; you achieved all your KPIs for the last 5 years and you were on... Read more »