Cut the Nonsense in Online Chats

Let’s get straight to it. The internet is full of opinions, and not all of them are worth your time. I recently shared a piece from a reliable news source, thinking it... Read more »

Achieving Results: The Power of the 1% Method

Several people have asked me how I get so much done when I have so many other commitments. Theres no real secret, I just don’t try to get everything done at once.... Read more »

Handling Office Bullies: Your Guide to Dealing with a ‘Bullycrat’

The term ‘Bullycrat’ may not sound familiar to you, but unfortunately, it’s something many encounter in their professional life. It refers to those who, bolstered by their position of power, resort to... Read more »

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Home Security

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Home Security The safety of your home requires your attention. Taking proper home security measures has become critical in the face of rising burglaries in the... Read more »

Is your First Aid kit safe to use? Reuben Gilmore, Sales Director at Aero Healthcare UK

Did you know that plasters and bandages have an expiry date? Have you ever worked out how much time and resources are spent over the course of a year, checking that your... Read more »
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Cybersecurity Exploit Exposes Privacy Data in Cloud Native Payment Services

Oxeye research operations has identified an exploit while trying to create an access path using Jaegar, an open-source software for tracing transactions between distributed services. During its examination, Oxeye discovered Jaegar lacked... Read more »

Happy, Engaged Employees are the key to a Profitable Business

It is a truism that in the physical security industry your workforce and your reputation are the business’s largest and most important assets. Managing your workforce with empathy to ensure happy, engaged... Read more »

Opinion piece, burglary in progress scenario!

You see this guy on CCTV breaking into a building that you are guarding. Its a weekend and you are on your own. What do you do? This demands an immediate response! Read more »