Making Our City Safer Letter from Don Randall Chairman CoLCPA

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Crowdguard and Rapaid: An Unprecedented Public Safety Collaboration

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Hiding in plain sight

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How to Secure Your Meter Box: A Comprehensive Guide

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4 essential tips for School Security

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Five Tips for a Safe and Healthy Ramadan 2023: Expert Advice for Organisations

15 March 2023, London – As the Ramadan season approaches, International SOS provides guidance for employees observing the holy month and shares advice for travellers on navigating the cultural sensitivities during the... Read more »

24% of Worker Fatalities This Year as a Result of Falling From a Height – EXPERT Weighs In With Health And Safety Tips

According to a research study from Jason Rowley LTD, falls from a height account for 24% of fatal workplace injuries in 2021/22, with 29 related deaths this year. In order to prevent... Read more »

Employee safety: Are your hybrid workers fully protected?

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Balancing policing priorities against low impact, high volume offences

The police and councils will always be held under scrutiny for how they prioritise protecting the public, and for how and where they allocate supporting resources. Despite this, currently, both face resource... Read more »