International Body Armour Survey Reveals Security Industry’s Knowledge Shortcoming

British firm PPSS Group published its international body armour survey whitepaper today. 729 security professionals from countries around the world completed the survey, which was conducted between 01 February and 31 March... Read more »
PPSS Overt (Black) Stab Resistant Body Armour-ffd9df09

Tried & Tested: The PPSS Overt & Covert Stab Vest

We have hands on review of PPSS overt and covert stab vests and tell you what we thought of each individual version. Read more »

PPSS Group: Critical Advancement in Knife Protection

Based on a comprehensive understanding of today’s most realistic threats faced by homeland and private security professionals, PPSS Group have today announced an official replacement for their highly acclaimed polycarbonate-based stab resistant... Read more »