PRESS RELEASE: Katie Pocock and Darcy Fletcher join Security Minds Matter Steering Committee

Security Minds Matter, the industry initiative to improve mental health provision for frontline security professionals is delighted to announce two new appointments to its Steering Committee, Darcy Fletcher CMgr and Katie Pocock... Read more »

Cohesity Research Shows Cyber Insurance and Ransomware Payouts Paper Over Cracks in Cyber Security Confidence

Over 9 out of 10 say threat has increased with 72% being willing to pay ransom and use insurance to help recovery London, UK – 18 July 2023 – Cyber threats are... Read more »

An Essential Guide to Securing Your Care Home and Keeping Residents Safe

In order to keep care home residents safe, it is essential that the premises are well-guarded and secure. Care homes should take advantage of high-tech security measures such as CCTV systems, alarms... Read more »

Why Do Outdoor Natural Gas Pipelines Need To Be Locked?

Locking outdoor natural gas pipelines is crucial for safety and security reasons. Natural gas is a flammable and combustible substance that can cause serious harm if it leaks or is tampered with.... Read more »

Electronic Door Lock Systems: The Future of Security

In today’s world, security is of utmost importance. With the increase in crime rates, it has become necessary to ensure the safety of our homes and businesses. Read more »

How to Ensure the Security of Water Flow Monitoring Boxes?

To ensure system stability, the water flow monitoring box requires high security measures to prevent unauthorized access. The record and authorization of unlocking must be closely monitored, and staff are required to... Read more »

Car Dealership Arnold Clark hit by major ransomware attack

London, 2nd February – Arnold Clark, the UK’s largest independently owned car dealership, has suffered a major ransomware attack in which large volumes of sensitive customer data were stolen.   Among the data... Read more »

Extreme Heat in the Workplace: How to Keep Factory & Warehouse Staff Safe and Comfortable

With England expecting its first ever red warning for extreme heat this week, raised temperatures in the workplace have the potential to become a health and safety issue as employers struggle to... Read more »

Organisations flock to join expanding scheme to end sexual harassment

A total of 23 Newcastle venues have so far joined the initiative to declare themselves ‘sexual harassment-free zones’, with the scheme’s first ever event promoter also joining the call. Shout-Up!, which is... Read more »

Industry viewpoint in response to Government’s Protect Duty consultation findings

Following the publication on 10 January 2022 of the Government’s response to the Protect Duty public consultation[1], which ran from 26 February to 2 July 2021, Axis Communications’ Steven Kenny, Industry Liaison,... Read more »