Consortio Security targets operational efficiency and improvements with SmartTask

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Research Project Survey – Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go? Is an independent research project designed by Mark Dyer, with academic guidance, to study the levels of perceived risk front-line employees interpret and act upon... Read more »

Shattered Security

  By Sue J. Daniels │March 15th 2020 │Trauma All names, places and identifying details have been changed to protect the client. Under AttackAnthony Johnson who worked as a Retail Outlet Security... Read more »

10 Tips for returning from maternity leave

You are a highly respected professional – you are trusted by the directors; you have recruited a fantastic team; you achieved all your KPIs for the last 5 years and you were on... Read more »

Can post-termination covenants in your employment contract restrict your settlement?

Do you know what’s in your job contract? In the excitement of starting a new job, you might be forgiven for not minutely examining the small print in your employment contract.  However,... Read more »