Handling Office Bullies: Your Guide to Dealing with a ‘Bullycrat’

The term ‘Bullycrat’ may not sound familiar to you, but unfortunately, it’s something many encounter in their professional life. It refers to those who, bolstered by their position of power, resort to... Read more »

Five Tips for a Safe and Healthy Ramadan 2023: Expert Advice for Organisations

15 March 2023, London – As the Ramadan season approaches, International SOS provides guidance for employees observing the holy month and shares advice for travellers on navigating the cultural sensitivities during the... Read more »

24% of Worker Fatalities This Year as a Result of Falling From a Height – EXPERT Weighs In With Health And Safety Tips

According to a research study from Jason Rowley LTD, falls from a height account for 24% of fatal workplace injuries in 2021/22, with 29 related deaths this year. In order to prevent... Read more »

The Hidden Security Risk of the Great Resignation by Bertrand Ramé

The Great Resignation, a term coined in May 2021, has been well documented, with reports detailing the record numbers of people leaving their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic. Due to... Read more »

Extreme Heat in the Workplace: How to Keep Factory & Warehouse Staff Safe and Comfortable

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Free Protect Duty App Launched

Counter Terrorism expert Chris Phillips has teamed up with App developer YUDUSentinel to launch a free Protect Duty action card app for counter-terrorism advice and training. Designed to raise understanding and knowledge,... Read more »

Videx Launches New Digital IP Panel Range

Leading manufacturer and supplier in access control and door entry kits, Videx Security, introduced its new vandal resistant digital IP panel range, the 4514 series. The 4514 compliments the existing Videx IP... Read more »

Safer Security Group unveils the next generation of site security technology with official launch of its Safer Pod S1

Relentlessly innovative security sector specialist, Safer Security Group, has unveiled the next generation of site security technology with the official launch of its Safer Pod S1. The tech disruptor’s newest product, which... Read more »

Organisations flock to join expanding scheme to end sexual harassment

A total of 23 Newcastle venues have so far joined the initiative to declare themselves ‘sexual harassment-free zones’, with the scheme’s first ever event promoter also joining the call. Shout-Up!, which is... Read more »

Why proper gate maintenance is a necessity

A gate can represent many different things: it can be an important entrance to a property, it can offer vital security and it can say a lot about what lies within. However,... Read more »