Choosing The Right Warehouse Door Locks


When it comes to warehouse security, many think it’s all about security guards and cameras. These security measures are indeed important, but so is the value of the door lock in the security process. A warehouse lock is a form of passive security, which means an item or location is protected without human assistance. To be effective, warehouse locks need to be installed correctly. Locks, cameras, and security are a great combination, but when no security is present or surveillance cameras, only a lock can protect the location in question. However, every situation is different, so getting the right door lock for your needs is critical to ensuring your warehouse security needs are met.

  • Different types of warehouse locks

Various types of warehouse locks are discussed below.

1. Padlock

Perimeter gates are often the first line of defense in security, and padlocks are often used to protect these gates. The quality of padlock required depends on the value of the item you are protecting. However, it’s important to remember that no matter how strong your padlocks are, they still have to be attached to an equally strong chain or clasp. Therefore, it is important that you use a combination of items of equal or greater intensity so that there are no weak points in your security for criminals to exploit.

2. Door handle

Interior doors are usually secured by locking the door handle. Any door handle that uses a warehouse lock should also be equipped with a deadbolt. The safety effectiveness of door handle locks is limited due to the way the lock cylinder mechanism is designed. A typical door handle lock has a lock cylinder inside that triggers the snap lock. This latch is easily triggered with items such as credit cards or similar devices. Most criminals will spend time trying to depress a snap lock, and it’s unlikely to waste time on doorknob hardware and lock cylinders. To see how it works, walk up to one of the warehouse doors with the lock and lock it with the door ajar. Then press down on the metal latch. When you press it, notice how the latch is depressed, even if the door is locked. This flaw allows a person to depress the latch by inserting a thin object like a credit card or similar between the frame and the door, and the person can then open the door. It is also important that the door handle is working properly. If the door handle isn’t working properly, you might think your door is protected by some other warehouse lock, when it’s not.

3. Deadbolt

Doors located within buildings will use a deadbolt as their primary locking function. Like other buildings, warehouse security relies heavily on door latches. The effectiveness of your deadbolt locks depends on how much force they can withstand before being broken. Because most criminals will use destructive force to try to get into your warehouse, it’s important to make sure your deadbolt is up to the task. The deadbolt shall be installed on any exterior door. It is important to ensure that each door is using the correct lock, except that there are enough locks on each door to secure it properly. If you care about your valuables, properly implementing your warehouse security is the best way to keep them safe.

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