Consultable launches new platform for Security Consultants

Consultable has started 2021 off with a bang, launching the Consultable site, allowing security professionals of all disciplines to sign up and create content, or follow those that do.

Consultable is a subscription platform that makes it easy for Consultants to get paid for their unique insights and expert knowledge. Aimed at bridging the gap between full consultancy services and ad-hoc work.

For Consultants, Consultable is a way to get paid for creating the content you’re already writing, security reports, updates on laws and legislation, reporting on situations in high-risk areas or simply creating talking points. Subscribers pay you the subscription costs, which is whatever you deem your content to priced at. They also have the option to post a bespoke project to you, which you can accept or reject. After that, you get paid every month!

With Consultable you can post photos, videos, updates, and reports to your subscribers. Consultable allows creators to be funded directly by their subscribers and maintain a monthly income. Aiming at both established consultants and recent entrants into the industry, Consultable allows many smaller creators to focus on their online work full-time with the support of their subscribers.

For Subscribers, Consultable is a way to keep updated on your areas of interest, your business needs, or simply with your favourite consultants in their own security discipline. Consultable works within your budget, allowing you to search for the right Consultants for your business and and those who fit your budget. As a subscriber, the platform is an ideal way of funding the work of your chosen consultants, while also providing you with business critical information in return. If you require a Consultants content, then joining their Consultable account is an excellent way of showing your support.

Consultable is always on the look out for new Consultants. If you feel you’d be a perfect match candidate to begin working posting on the platform, visit or if you have any questions email