Cut the Nonsense in Online Chats

Let’s get straight to it. The internet is full of opinions, and not all of them are worth your time. I recently shared a piece from a reliable news source, thinking it was solid because, you know, they actually check their facts. But then comes this high-up security ego, emailing and slamming my share with a “do your research” kind of insult. No hello, no thanks, just straight to calling it rubbish.

The Back-and-Forth

I tried to be nice, pointing out the source and their fact-checking squad, hoping for a real debate. But nope. What I got instead was a wild ride through complaint land. This person, with their big job title, couldn’t stick to the point if it was glued to their forehead. They jumped from one rant to another, making zero sense.

The Real Issue

After some head-scratching, it hit me. The problem wasn’t the share. It was this person’s inability to hold a logical conversation. You’d think someone in their position would know how to debate properly. But here we are, dealing with someone who can’t argue their way out of a wet paper bag, they certainly couldn’t handle a ‘low life security guard’ taking them on. It’s not my first rodeo with this type, and it’s always a letdown.

My Two Cents

If you’re going to come at me or anyone else online, bring your brain, not just your attitude. Disagreeing is fine, but have a point. Don’t just bash something because you think you can do so and expect others to roll over and tug their forelock. As I regularly trim to 1mm that last bit would be hard for me anyway!

And if you’ve got a fancy title, act like it means something and set an example. Your words have weight, so use them to add to the conversation, not just throw your ego around.

Bottom Line

We’re all here sharing and debating stuff online. Let’s keep it respectful and smart, especially if you’re in a position of influence. Be the example, not the exception. We’ve got enough nonsense flying around. Don’t add to it. Debate, discuss, disagree – but do it with a bit of class and intelligence.

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About the Author: Michael O'Sullivan