Demand for temporary CCTV towers rises after surge in professional gangs targeting construction sites

Drastically worsening thefts from professional gangs on UK construction sites has garnered national outrage and prompted many firms across the country to install temporary CCTV towers to deter ‘stealing to order’, say Kingdom Systems. The company, who protect hundreds of construction sites from theft each year, warn about the rise of ‘stealing to order’- where criminals are given a list of sought-after machinery and equipment to then steal and sell on.

Temporary CCTV towers can massively help to prevent ‘stealing to order’ crimes and protect businesses that are at risk of losing £800 million every year, according to insurer Allianz Cornhill.

Businesses are also desperately waiting for the Government to address this surge, says Kingdom Systems. Last year, the Government brought in the Equipment Theft (Prevention) Act to counteract the problem in the agricultural sector, but it fails to address the issue suffered by construction sites nationwide.

And with research by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) revealing that a staggering 92% of construction workers are affected by theft, with 21% saying they suffer from it every single week, it’s an epidemic that largely lies in the hands of individual project managers to prevent until wider governmental changes are made.

Often, tradespeople and construction workers have no choice but to leave expensive equipment and machinery onsite overnight, making construction sites a goldmine for thieves looking for opportunity.

“The serious risk of theft is a concern for all construction site managers and staff, especially when demand for stolen equipment is so high and the costs of replacing them remain equally astronomical. But installing permanent CCTV towers is expensive, time-consuming, and unlikely to be the best option for temporary construction sites,” says Paul Worsley, Director of Service from Kingdom Systems. “Installing temporary CCTV can be an efficient way to enhance security, deter criminals and safely document any breaches or suspicious activity.”

CCTV footage from temporary CCTV towers can provide valuable evidence in the event of a theft, speeding up the time it takes to catch the perpetrators. With 34% of tradespeople saying that the thefts have impacted their mental health, temporary CCTV provides that much needed peace of mind for the sector.

“For everyone involved in a project, a theft of a considerable amount of equipment or machinery can cause a lot of stress and worry. The idea that professional gangs rather than opportunists are targeting sites without proper security means they need to have a more strategic and effective approach to deterring criminals, beyond just the usual lock and key,” says Paul Worsley.

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