Digital Document Fraud by Peter Darby Associates – Training Course Review by Mike O’Sullivan

If you need to check documents and files for evidence of tampering, the Digital Document Fraud course from Peter Darby Associates is ideal! I’d been looking at their range of courses for some time so when I was offered a free place in return for an honest review I jumped at the opportunity!

Everyone knows that fraud is a huge problem. Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated. To protect against them, and the mayhem that they cause, we need to have the knowledge and skills to do so.

“The Digital Document Fraud course teaches ways to detect digital documents that may have been tampered with, copied or faked”

And it does what it says on the tin! Most of my career I’ve worked security in financial institutions, so I’ve had some experience in fraud detection. Had I benefited from this course, or similar, early in my career it would have been a game changer!

It’s been a while since I’ve studied, so I started off a bit rusty but was kept on course by very prompt and able support from the course tutor! Any questions were responded to fully and expanded on the course material.

The course material itself was very comprehensive and well structured. Each lesson built on the previous with practical exercises interspersed so that students can see the practical applications of the new knowledge gained.

All in all, an excellent course, very relevant for anyone – after all the fraudster is everyone’s enemy!

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