Edition Ten TPSO Magazine Foreword by Rollo Davies

Well at long last there is light at the end of the very long COVID tunnel. As numerous industries start to
return to normal, or are even doing better than anticipated, due to the economic defibrillator that the lifting
of restrictions represents to so many. I am personally seeing a shortage of trained and licenced security
officers in several sectors. Just maybe, this will force a rise in contract charge rates, and drive salaries up! I
can but hope.

One sector of society that have enjoyed lockdown and has made a fortune from an unexpectedly housebound
population, are the fraudsters and con artists…..

There has never been such a deluge of online cons, telephone scams and fake NHS sites selling tests, vaccines
and all manner of bogus stuff, all capitalising on the understandable fears and concerns of the nation, and
the desire we all have to protect and do the best for our families and loved ones.

What can you do to protect yourself and those you hold dear, from this non-stop deluge of lies, cons,
misinformation and very clever schemes designed to part you from as much money as possible?

As luck would have it, amongst other things, this issue is taking a look at the many devious faces of fraud,
and some of the top experts in their fields have contributed some great advice and guidance designed to help
you avoid the many traps that the criminal fraternity have set for the unwary.

I hope you find it of interest, and use.

Be Safe

Rollo Davies