Equality in Security


It is a subject most of us avoid, sweep under the carpet or shout from the roof top that their company supports and employs equally (all the while advertising to a specific audience). Yet years down the line has anything changed?

I have been in the industry for over 10 years, and I still get the comment “it’s great to see a female security guard”…or go to meetings and see the surprise on people’s faces that I am a woman and not the stereotypical image of a bald man called Dave running the shots. (Trust me, I’m worse).


Early today I interviewed a woman, who was visibly nervous. She was transgender and was clearly concerned that she would not get the job. Hearing the stories of what she has faced…well it is just plain wrong. And a loss to those other companies and a benefit to my own.


When will we learn to step away from what we once were. To build the industry to what we really should be. Security is about keeping people safe, protection. So that includes everyone, whether officer, customer or stranger on the street. Only by talking about these issues and dealing with them head on, will things change. Let’s stop turning the other cheek and instead welcome these changes. These evolutions in our industry.

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About the Author: Gina Lawrence

I started as an officer and worked my way up to Contracts manager. Having worked in various branches in the industry. In my spare time, I also write fantasy/historical novels.