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Overview of The Professional   both salaries, and future promotional   Audience Scope:  We have already attracted a vast amount of
                                                  interest from security professionals, Major
 Security Officer Magazine (TPSO):                National and International organisations.
 • To educate and inform  As of April 2018, the Security Industry   (Our existing and evolving social media
         Authority (SIA) web site states that there are
 Front Line Security personnel working in the   •  • To increase awareness and appreciation of   currently 325,203** licensed individuals   channels, are detailed below where you can
 UK desperately need their own dedicated   the vital roles performed by Front Line   registered with them. There are at present no   examine and verify our levels of
 Magazine! TPSO is the answer! We aim to   Security Professionals on a daily basis, both   reliable figures for “in-house” security staff.   engagement)
 make it the publication of choice for front line   within the industry, and to the public in   These do not require an SIA license to work.
 security workers....   general                   A As of April 2018, there are 853*** security
                                                  companies listed on the SIA register of
 I It is written to help them in their jobs, to keep   •  • To entertain and engage our readership with   * ** Source:   Approved Contractors. We will be providing
 them up to date with news and issues and to   compelling interactive content. As well as the   ensing-stats.aspx  each of these with information about how
 help with CPD and career progression. TPSO   magazine we have several social media   the new publication will benefit their staff
 is actively building a vast professional careers   channels, a website & blog, plus video outlets     Our highly conservative aim is to appeal to   and invite them to publicise the magazine
 and industry knowledge base. This will be   under development  just 15% of the available audience,   within their organisations.
 available via the TPSO web site.  approximately 48700 SIA security licensed
 • To increase levels of personal Pride &   security professionals!  ** ***Source:
 T This “niche” publication is understandably   Professionalism, security industry wide
 already attracting a huge amount of attention   A As you would expect, this represents the   cs-roac.aspx?all
 and support from all sectors of the industry!  most engaged, ambitious, dedicated and
         committed, front line operatives.
 T The magazine is specifically targeting
 SECURITY OFFICERS from all sectors of the        Initial Advertising Rates:
 industry. It is produced by dedicated and
 experienced security officers, for security      TPSO offers numerous advertising options
 officers. It is authentic, relevant, and speaks   for advertisers to reach this valuable,
 the same language as the target readership.      targeted audience:
 B Between them TPSO magazine founders            See Attached 'Discounted Introductory'
 have almost 60 years’ experience in the UK       Schedule of Rates for Advertising Space....
 security industry. This, combined with Police
 and Military backgrounds, ensures that the
 publishers have become recognised subject        Other Opportunities:
 matter experts in their fields. They have
 exceptional industry experience and              In addition to standard website banner
 knowledge and are fully qualified to assess,
 kn                                               advertising, TPSO is also looking forward at
 collate and pass on, best practice advice to     the following ideas:
 the readership.
                                                 •   •  Sponsorship Agreements with UK Security
 This media kit describes the new and             Industry Organisations that share our goals
 untapped opportunities for advertisers to        of: industry wide improvement, professional
 reach this unique, valuable audience:            development, increased safety of workers,
                                                  positive public engagement, recognition of
                                                  excellence, new advanced training schemes.
 Our Publishing Ethos:
                                                 •  Mutual exchange, advertising opportunities?
 The Professional Security Officer Magazine      •   •  YouTube (In Development) Channel
 has the following objectives for each and        Sponsorship & In Video Advertising.
 every edition...
                                                 •  Industry Event Sponsorship.
 • To encourage the professional development
 of the readership. (Resultingly, to increase    •  Collaborative Industry Ventures.
                     All enquiries are gladly received at:
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