Focus on Membership Organisations, The Security Institute by Rick Mountfield

The Security Institute is in its 21st year of being a ‘not for profit’ professional membership organisation recognised by HMRC as such, we do not make profit on our activities- every penny is reinvested into providing more benefits and events for our members. Our mission and aims are structured around a common desire:

 Inspire, inform and influence professional excellence for the benefit of our members, the security community and wider society.

  • Committed to providing an exceptional membership experience.
  • To promote lifelong learning, professional development and qualification in security.
  • To recognise competence through peer review and validation of our members.
  • To support networking and the exchange of knowledge, information and best practice.
  • To promote standards and ethics and make a valuable contribution to society through innovation.
  • To collaborate with government, academic bodies and other organisations to influence policy.
  • To enhance the reputation and understanding of the security discipline, providing a powerful unifying voice

Our strap line is Recognised, Respected, Professional and we don’t pay lip service to this. It was developed as part of a strategic plan in 2017 that aimed to encourage those “willing professionals” to become part of a collective that would drive the agenda of professionalism through our entire industry.

You can’t buy your way into the Security Institute, but that does not mean we turn people away either. Our unique selling point is that we are the only membership body that validates every applicant, measuring them against a standard matrix that recognises vocational experience as much as it does academic achievement. We recognise that some of the most capable and impactful security professionals have never attended an academic course. They do however, professionally develop, continuously.

Our validation board (comprised of volunteer members) sits once a month to assess the applicant’s profiles with no knowledge of their name, so the result is a validated score that reflects impartially, the person described. That score realises one of three professional grades that come with applicable post nominals that you will recognise form people’s profiles on CVs or social media.  Associate (ASyI), Member (MSyI) and Fellow (FSyI). This validation achieves the Recognised aspect of the strap line because no longer are you standing alone telling employers and clients that you are worth engaging with, 3000 members are publicly recognising you as a validated and measured professional at that grade. Peer endorsement is priceless because it cannot be challenged.

Once you attain membership, the world is your oyster. We offer a myriad of tangible benefits such as:

Membership of the London Chamber of commerce. You can use their business suite in London to work from or have meetings at for free. They host 3 events a day with over 10,000 businesses, most of whom are not in security….but may need it! Online resources include templates for tenders, legal advice and much more.

A professional development platform and mentoring platform hosted inside the ‘members only’ area of our website. Whether you are climbing the promotion ladder or managing people, there are 1000’s of papers, videos and assessment tools to give you an edge in the workplace. Mentoring is essential to development. A person you can ask for opinions without being judged by work colleagues or bosses. Many of you would also enjoy being a mentor and giving back advice to help a fellow member to get on in their workplace. Its very satisfying to help someone else achieve.

We host many, many events all over the UK, Often in businesses that you could never get into without belonging to the Institute, such as Hinkley Point C, Westminster Abbey, O2 Arena, Corporate offices, London Zoo, to name but a few. Our events are learning opportunities but also networking opportunities. Events to shape your thinking and ability in your own workplace but also shape your personal development and career path.

We have our own App available on Googleplay and Apple store. You could download it right now for free, but, without a member password it cannot be used. The app hosts our Continuous Professional development (CPD) platform and all the above benefits through the easy access that an App affords. All this knowledge sharing that you take back into your workplace ensures you are respected not only by your peers but by everyone who is engaged in what you secure at as part of your job.

Belonging to a the Security Institute is belonging to a tribe. Everyone is travelling in the same direction as you. You appreciate the support and endorsement, knowing that your peers value your ethics desire for development and therefore Professionalism.

Membership costs as little as £120 for Affiliates, £145 for associate and £170 for Member each year. The value of membership benefits is £610 but the value of Peer validated recognition and respect for your professionalism is priceless.

Your knowledge is of value to us. Please enquire about membership by uploading your CV on our website or emailing

A selection of photos from a variety of events

Gala Awards Dinner
AGM 2019
Annual Conference 2018 (1 of 2)
Annual Conference 2018 (2 of 2)
Next Generation of Security Initiative (1 of 2)
Next Generation of Security Initiative (2 of 2)
Remembrance Lecture (1 of 2)
Remembrance Lecture (2 of 2)
Professional development workshops (1 of 3)
Professional development workshops (2 of 3)
Professional development workshops (3 of 3)