Global Leaders in Intellegent Security, IMOU, Launch New Outdoor Smart Home Security Cameras

Watch, listen, speak, analyse and act.

Leaders in video-centric smart IOT solutions & services, Imou launch two new outdoor, smart home security cameras, the Bullet 2 and Cruiser.

Imou’s newly launched cameras aim to give consumers the ability to confidently protect their homes and loved ones, through smart connection and high definition surveillance. A highly beneficial Human detection has the capability of identifying human targets outside the home and distinguishing them from pets or other moving objects, to avoid false alerts. The Cruiser pan and tilt camera features Imou’s Smart Tracking algorithm which quickly follows and focuses on moving targets, ensuring complete protection of your home. 

Available in both 2MP (1080P) and 4MP (2K), the newly launched cameras also have built in spotlights which not only offer a practical lighting solution to dark areas outside your home, but when triggered by an event, act as a deterrent to warn off potential intruders. This spotlight ensures full colour, smart night vision to enable you to capture footage with clear-as-day clarity, even in the dark.

The new outdoor cameras both benefit from alarm notifications, which are sent to any connected smart device such as a PC or mobile phone when the cameras sense movement, and a two-way talk feature, so users can either scare strangers or welcome guests.

The robust Bullet 2 is Imou’s base model outdoor camera, and is ideal for anyone looking for an excellent value smart AI home security camera that is simple to use, with all of the latest features available, but without a hefty price tag.

The Cruiser is a motorised outdoor camera for consumers wanting complete coverage, with Full HD or Super HD live monitoring & recording and 0~355° pan & 0~90° tilt features, to ensure every corner of your home is completely covered. It’s sleek in design and features programmable favorite locations for fast navigation, human detection and smart auto tracking to follow subjects. 

Both models have an IP67 certified housing meaning the cameras can be used outdoors under any weather conditions, perfect for use in multiple scenarios.

Imou cameras are compatible with virtual home assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to get stuff done without having to do more than speak. With the Imou Cloud service, you will have access to camera footage, as long as an Internet connection is available. However, if there is no network you can still connect the camera locally to view live footage or check recordings via an SD card. Imou Cloud connects and integrates all Imou smart devices and provides value-added and bank-level encryption services to users, which makes your life smarter and easier.

Additionally, the user-friendly Imou Life App and Imou PC Client allow you to stream live video, play recorded clips, easily arm and disarm your system, and stay aware of what’s happening in your home at any time, anywhere. With just one touch, the app pairing enables firmware updates to activate, keeping the cameras “watch, listen, speak, analyse and act” capabilities advanced and issue-free.

Imou’s new outdoor, smart security cameras, both the Bullet and the Cruiser are now available fromCurrys. Imou is offering a family of smart home security camera options so consumers get affordable, customisable and connected peace of mind, protecting what’s inside their home, whether they are at home or out.

About IMOU

Imou is a consumer IoT brand which provides smart security cameras, video doorbells and other smart IoT products with features ready for home or business. Since its establishment in 2015, Imou has achieved significant technological breakthroughs and has been recognised by users worldwide.

Imou relies on its powerful manufacturing strength and robust supply chain management system to provide strong support for high reliability and high quality products. Having 60% of its employees engaged directly in the R&D team, Imou never stops innovating. With its cutting-edge technologies and intelligent products, Imou is ready to build a simple, secure and smart life for everyone.

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