Guardsman Group replaces paper timesheets for 6,000 security officers and reaps the benefits


Replaced paper-based processes mean faster reconciliation and billing for customers

Guardsman Group, the premier provider of security services in Jamaica and across the Caribbean, has replaced manual paper-based systems for generating rosters, timesheets, and for managing staff hours and payroll with an integrated solution from SmartTask. The SmartTask system has been successfully rolled out across the entire security guarding business protecting 1,600 sites. The solution is used to calculate some 400million Jamaican dollars of salary each month.

After researching suitable solutions globally, SmartTask was shortlisted and selected by the Operations Team at Guardsman for its breadth of functionality, standards-based approach and value for money.

Damian Blair, General Manager, Risk, Compliance and IT at Guardsman Group stated; “We were particularly impressed with SmartTask’s response to our requirements.  Not only did the solution address our operational issues, the team at SmartTask have been extremely helpful and supportive as we have rolled out the system across the business. Our guards now interact with the company in a more proactive way, and we have much greater visibility of our entire operations.”

Electronic hours provide visibility

At each location, Guardsman has a smartphone set up in ‘multi-book-on’ mode, where every guard clocks on and off their shift using an NFC card.  The control room can see instantly if people have failed to turn up for a shift, or are late, and so can arrange remedial cover, ensuring that customers’ premises remain protected as contracted.

Automated Rostering saves time (and the planet)

Rosters are generated automatically by the SmartTask software and sent electronically to staff.  This significantly reduces time and costs associated with printing 6,000 rosters and then delivering them to guards. The reduction in travel and the use of paper has a positive environmental impact.

Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask commented; “From work that we have completed with several customers in recent years, saving 6,000 sheets of paper a week is a massive contribution to the reduction of carbon. This equates to 24,000 pages per month, or 119kg of paper, 238 litres of water, or 2 and a half trees saved, each month.”

Quicker reconciliation means faster invoicing and better cashflow

The time taken by the accounts team at Guardsman Group to reconcile hours worked and services provided for each customer has reduced the invoice production cycle by 2- 3 days, meaning that clients can pay invoices earlier. The increased accuracy, and the proof of attendance facilitated by electronic clocking in and out has brought great efficiency to the billing process.

Paul Ridden concluded; “At SmartTask we are committed to providing solutions that reflect industry best practice, honed from some 20 years working closely with our clients. Our standards-based approach ensures that people are able to run their businesses secure in the knowledge that regulatory requirements are met, while providing an excellent service to customers, and staff.”

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