ISIO and CAPSI taking steps to Profit Protect the legitimate security industry

This involves a coordinated plan involving security companies, security practitioners and their clients.


ISIO[International Security Industry Organization] and CAPSI[Central Association for Private Security Industry] along with any other organization that joins this mission to open a wider market for the legitimate traders. It is the obligation of the security industry to also protect against criminal elements that could attempt to penetrate the industry.


One of the outcomes of the pandemic is an economic meltdown with security companies losing 20 – 30 % of their customers that perhaps have shut down. Also, they are experiencing may of their customers are not paying in and on time.

There could be end users using unlicensed practitioners that are cutting rates to steal business but then the end user cannot rely on criminals to secure their business and especially their reputation. This is because these criminals are not using security protocols for profit and reputational protection of the client. There are distinct protocols to use for such during a biological threat security with specific objectives.

Furthermore, these companies that are using unlicensed companies could be opening the door to their company, departments or specific people to be captured by syndicate organized crime or gang crime.

These unlawful companies can be quickly identified by the authorities because the private security industry could be the watchdogs and should inform their regulating bodies.

The Client (End Users)

The end users have specific objectives now.

The economic meltdown dictates that they need to secure a user-friendly atmosphere that can be viewed by the customers as a professionally managed site. People carry phones that can record bad behaviour. The client by being compliant should also have the objectives, namely,

  • Profit protects their site by all means to reduce crime related to the threats in theatre.
  • Avoid Reputational Damage; Any aggressive behaviour or crime related to corruption or theft of company secrets would erode the profits
  • Avoid Reputational damage by contracting unlicensed practitioners.
  • Encourage customers that will avoid going to the site or doing business with the client or clients with a site.
  • Protect the wellbeing of the staff ; This would increase the expenses related to increased sick leave and employing temporary staff besides multi skilling-up staff or any other expenses related to replacing staff.
  • Avoid lawsuits: When the client is a specific business, for example a second-hand store that may be re-selling assist breathing equipment, perhaps refilling or reselling old oxygen bottles that may have black fungus, either in the equipment, tubes or valves, could lead to deadly outcomes. This example would be opening up the door to major lawsuits and/or jail terms for culpable homicide besides reputational damage. This example could be highly costly!
  • Upgrading Threat Status and take new precautions relative to the threat. For example, one may be located in a country where there may be increased riots and demonstrations for whatever reason, or that could turn ugly and turn into a state of anarchy. Besides the location- one could relate it to a field of interest. Not updating or investing in tech or equipment or by layering the manpower by skillsets could become more costly.

Position of the security companies along with objectives

ISIO and CAPSI have done their homework and fully aware of the nature of the beast of the mutating biological threat and the objectives that must be adhered to limit the level of collateral damage for the end-users.

What must be considered to retain a profitable business,

  • More customers – more profit: Customers avoid going to a site that is badly managed because of not using security protocols for biological threats.
  • Decrease the increased crime that erodes profits: there is new crime related to the threat besides increased crime of repetitive threats already experienced.
  • Decrease the increased Sick leave or Staff passing away which adds to the costs by using security protocols for a mutating biological threat.
  1. There could be staff that could have already had covid-19, perhaps have had lots of antibiotics or steroids’ besides having diabetes and are highly susceptible to black fungus or other diseases that are related to breathing related ailments. They search out black fungus and inform the cleaners to eradicate such.
  2. Security staff are in a frontlines and could handle aggressive behaviour making them higher risk which could lead to increased temp staff hired or the cost of multi-skilling staff .


This active mutating biological threat will be in theatre for years to come still or until a magical potion will be able to be manufactured and distributed throughout the world for all to take at the same time. Therefore, all sites and security companies must work together on the same security protocols for biological threat security.

To this end – ISIO and CAPSI SPONSORE FREE video clips and a booklet for security officers on the ground. Any site that would want to have a certificate of compliance will also have peace of mind that the bearer of such is a licensed company in their location. ISIO and CAPSI undertake not to provide the CBTS or COC19 to an unlicensed company in their location.

It is suggested that the head of security or the owner of a security company obtain the tool to evaluate the knowledge and methodology to consider the easiest and most effective method to secure themselves and their client by using security protocols for biological threat security. This can be found on which is endorsed by ISIO and CAPSI.

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About the Author: Michael O'Sullivan