Kingdom Systems unveils new 100% solar powered temporary CCTV towers 

As the construction industry is urged to reduce its carbon emissions, Kingdom Systems has launched its innovative Sentry Solar AI CCTV Tower. This tower sets a new standard for high-quality and effective safeguarding for companies that want to prioritise Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. 

Powered fully by solar panels, the CCTV tower operates sustainably even in off-grid locations and doesn’t require any top-ups or battery charges. This means the CCTV tower can operate autonomously throughout the year. Kingdom Systems, the UK’s leading security systems provider and part of Kingdom Services Group, has responded to both decarbonisation requirements as well as the ongoing security threats sites face in creating this innovative system. 

The effectiveness and sustainability of the product addresses the explosion of construction site theft that have left sites scrambling for more robust measures against opportunists and organised gangs alike – each year, theft is estimated to cost the construction industry £800 million. Companies need to address this threat, whilst also making sustained efforts to lessen their environmental impact and decarbonise. 

As well as this, for construction site managers who are considering how to protect the site for a short period time in a cost-effective way, the temporary nature of the Sentry CCTV Tower means the tower can be easily installed in almost any site setting and taken down just as easily, offering the essential versatility to time sensitive projects. 

At 6 metres tall, the Sentry CCTV Tower successfully deters thieves from entering the construction site, with 360 degrees detection capability and the ability to detect thieves up to 70 metres away. 

Kingdom Systems’ Daniel Henry said: “The construction industry is currently under enormous pressure in terms of sustainability targets and the prevalence of theft of expensive construction equipment. But there are some straightforward preventative actions that can be taken in response – and we believe our new Sentry Solar AI CCTV Tower provides a robust security solution, whilst also helping our clients work towards their ESG goals.” 

“The Sentry CCTV Tower maintains AI analytic hardware in place, ensuring all footage undergoes analysis at the edge (onboard hardware) thereby enhancing detection capability and speed.” 

5MP cameras faithfully record crystal-clear footage for optimum site protection, with low light technology ensuring the quality of footage is not hampered by even the darkest conditions. 

They also benefit from anti-vandal casing and an anti-tamper protection system for additional peace of mind. 

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