Matt Gingell – Employment lawyer and commentator

Are you having problems at work and need some easy to understand, high quality, legal advice?

Matt,, is an experienced employment lawyer and legal commentator. Matt represents companies and individuals on the whole range of employment law.

He also writes on topical employment issues and has had articles published in the Independent, the Guardian and City AM.

Matt has produced a series of very high quality, easy to read, guides on various aspects of employment law for employees. I recently discovered the collection while doing some research.

If you are having issues at work and need help working out what you can do, Matt’s guides will prove invaluable.

These guides are currently available, and updated regularly:

  • Employment contracts: A guide for employees
  • Resigning: A guide for employees
  • Age discrimination: A guide for employees
  • Childcare assistance: A guide for employees
  • Managed out at work: A guide for employees
  • Settlement agreements: A guide for employees
  • Exit strategies: A guide for employees
  • Pregnancy and maternity discrimination : Employee guide
  • Disability discrimination: A guide for employees
  • Race discrimination: A guide for employees
  • Sex discrimination: A guide for employees
  • Equal pay: A guide for employees

They can all be read at:

A series of videos are also available from:

If you need any employment law advice please do call Matt on 0203 797 1264 or email Matt

You can also find Matt on:



Or follow Matt on Twitter:

Or complete the form on his site:

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