Meet the TPSO Team

Michael O’Sullivan

Michael O’Sullivan

After 5 years distinguished service in the French Foreign Legion, (Yeah. I wouldn’t nick his pint!…………… Ed.)

Mike returned to the UK and commenced a career in the physical security industry in the City of London.

Looking to diversify and better utilize his skills, Mike ran a very successful training organisation for many years and gained valuable qualifications and experience in counselling, and psychology. Mike was eventually drawn back to his vocation, as a protector, returning to the security industry, but his drive to make a difference, increase standards and improve the working life of front line security professionals, lead him to come up with the idea for “The Professional Security Officer Magazine”.

A man on a mission……

Mike is also currently hard at work developing advanced training packages for Front Line security workers, to distinguish intelligent, committed and engaged Professionals, from the bulk of the SIA licensed masses, and create a new “advanced standard” within the industry. He is also responsible for the outstanding TPSO website and a number of genuinely “Industry Changing” research initiatives.

Rollo Davies MSyI.

Rollo Davies

Rollo, the “looks” of the TPSO operation,

(I can not believe you did your own bio! Delusional cretin!……. Ed!)

Rollo was a Met Police Officer from age 19. He subsequently spent 25 years in the Physical Security Industry.

He became increasingly disillusioned by the lack of appreciation, respect and recognition afforded those in the front line of the industry, so he tried to do something about it. Firstly in 2011, he founded, a now sadly defunct, Trade Union, The National Security Workers Union, NSWU. Recently he had a phone call from an old friend about starting a magazine.

The rest is history. He is an enthusiastic member of The Security Institute

(How he slipped through that vetting net we will never know……. Ed.) and an increasingly influential campaigner for increased standards, industry wide.