Men are 35% less likely than women to have no home security measures in place, despite rise in burglaries warning

  • Men are less security-conscious in their homes than women, according to new UK study
  • People of the West Midlands are the most security-conscious in their homes, while the Scottish are the least
  • Almost one in three Brits now own a security camera either inside or outside our home

When it comes to home security measures, men are 35% less likely to have any in place compared to women, despite warnings about a rise in burglaries over the winter months, according to a new survey conducted by leading home security experts, SimpliSafe.

The study found that women are also more likely to invest in the latest technology for their homes, with a third now having security cameras installed either inside or outside of their homes, compared to just 26% of men. 

While women are most likely to have video tech installed, men are ever-so-slightly more inclined to operate a burglar alarm (the only home security method in which men use more than women) with 32% having one, compared to just 31.8% of women. However, a number of men also preferred to use their “fists of fury”, a method not taken up by the opposite sex. 

The survey found that people in the West Midlands are the most security-conscious, with 87% having security measures in their home compared to the rest of the UK. The Scottish on the other hand, are the least security-conscious based on this analysis, with just 42% having security measures in place.

However, when we look at which region said they have no security measures in place at all, Londoners came out on top with 5% selecting ‘none’ in the survey.

Jonathan Wall, General Manager of SimpliSafe UK says: Incorporating technology into one’s home security practices is becoming more of a go-to and necessity for homeowners in the UK. It’s great to see that the burglar alarm is the nation’s top choice with a third of people having one installed in their homes, followed by security cameras at 30%. As technology becomes more commonplace, the likes of driveway security such as gates and bollards, could be considered ‘bulky’ or ‘outdated’ measures of home security.

“Since lockdown restrictions eased in April, burglaries have increased by 25%*. With the darker nights upon us and potentially having more valuables in the house following Christmas, we could see this number continue to rise. Smart home technology such as wireless burglar alarms and cameras are a great way to help prevent any unhappy incidents happening at your property during the winter months, and all year round. Other security measures can also be considered, such as lighting your home with timed lights or keeping your blinds closed or tilted to prohibit passerbyers  from  peaking through your windows.”

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