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Our mission is helping employees to get fair deals when leaving their jobs. We do this by negotiating settlement exit packages for our clients, and also by publishing our knowledge on the internet for free for people to represent themselves.

We have had over a million visitors to our website, thanks to the quality, range and depth of the employment law advice that we provide. Our articles and letter templates are provided on this website free of charge because we passionately believe in levelling the playing field between employees and employers.


The team here at Monaco Solicitors is the most accomplished and senior team of specialist employee-side lawyers anywhere in the UK. We do not use any junior or trainee lawyers, so you will always be properly advised. Each and every member of our legal team is an outstanding lawyer armed with the knowledge and credentials to overcome employers in settlement negotiations and court cases. We pool our knowledge and work together closely on difficult cases, so our clients get the benefit of the whole team when they instruct us.


We represent clients right across the UK, as we’re able to carry out all  communications via phone and email. The only time when it is necessary to travel is to attend courts & tribunals, and we are happy to do this when needed, but the vast majority of our cases settle out of court before they get to that stage.


We have negotiated countless millions of pounds for our clients and our results show that in around 95% of our settlement agreement negotiations we achieve a significant increase in the exit package amount. The reviews on this website are nearly all five star, simply because we pride ourselves in providing a personal friendly yet professional and efficient service to all our clients.


You can rest assured that, because we only represent employees only, and never the employer, there is no conflict of interest. This is in contrast to most employment law firms, which represent businesses too. They are naturally inclined to stay on good terms with your employer because one day that company may become their client.

We have no such incentive. If you employer conducts itself ethically then we will get along just fine in a negotiation. If your employer acts unfairly or illegally, however, then we will not hold back from unleashing the full force of our legal firepower against them.

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