New Mental Health & Wellbeing Initiative from IFPO UK & Ireland

Security industry leaders and mental health campaigners Chris Middleton, Yolanda Hamblen & Nicholas (Nic) Reed have formed a new “Wellbeing Team” with the full support and commitment of IFPO UK. Their aim is to keep this serious issue front and centre and ensure the Wellbeing of Security Professionals remains a top industry priority.

Nic said “Our approach will firmly be rooted in Wellbeing – inclusive of physical, emotional and mental health and welfare – and cognisant of the many links between these. Our intention is to continue promoting the acceptance of the fluctuations of health in all these fields and reduce the associated historic stigmas. Our objective is to increase awareness, reduce fear (and denial) and make it easier for front line security workers to access support resources, hopefully earlier, in a preventative manner.”

Nic continued “This will be hosted in the publicly accessible side of the new IFPO website, as whilst wanting to support IFPO members, we recognise that these issues affect people throughout the industry, their families, friends and colleagues (including clients). As a result, these resources will be accessible to ALL, and the IFPO will maintain them as permanent, easy to find, and fully publicly accessible.”

The “Wellbeing Team” aims to develop a resource of informative articles, guidance pieces and provide effective and relevant signposting to effective help and support. They are already reaching out to a number of established organisations (more to come) to establish partnerships, which will lead to further material and possibly even training and awareness materials.

TPSO magazine is fully behind this initiative and we will keep you aware of all new developments. Nic Reed has informed us that there is a new website under construction, so make a note of the site and check back for updates and new information as the initiative develops:

Nic assured us that “this will not be a flash in the pan or just a headline grabbing move (as might have been witnessed elsewhere). We intend taking our time, getting it right, and building this up steadily……. thus keep it relevant, adaptive and sustainable.”

In a spirit of cooperation, the IFPO Wellbeing Team have reached out to both TPSO magazine and the Guild of Security Industry Professionals, both organisations stand willing to assist in whatever way is required, for the benefit of the UK security Industry.

We applaud the outstanding work of Nicholas, Yolanda and Chris, and will keep you updated with news and updates as soon as we get them.