Pimloc partners with Marlowe security cameras to provide security and data privacy across sectors

Pimloc’s AI-powered video redaction solution, Secure Redact, is added to Marlowe Fire & Security solutions portfolio

19 July, 2023; London, England: Pimloc, the AI video privacy and analytics company today announces it has partnered with Marlowe Fire & Security, a leading UK supplier of fire and security solutions. The new partnership sees Pimloc’s SaaS video redaction solution, Secure Redact, added to Marlowe’s portfolio of security solutions, enabling end users to automate the anonymisation of personally identifying information (PII) captured in video surveillance.

Video surveillance is a top choice for enterprises looking for robust security systems and as technology continues to develop, video systems – including CCTV and body-worn cameras – have become a cornerstone of the modern security solution. However, under the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), organisations must safely manage personal data and protect individuals’ privacy by anonymising faces, objects, number plates and other personal or sensitive data captured on camera. Without an automated redaction solution, it is a complex and time-intensive task at risk of human error.

Award-winning Secure Redact from Pimloc allows enterprises to automatically redact video – making the process nearly 300 times faster than with traditional video editing solutions, saving valuable time and resources. Now offered alongside Marlowe’s tailor-made body-worn camera and CCTV security systems, these complementary services allow end users to protect employees, customers and assets while guaranteeing personal data privacy and compliance.

With Marlowe’s technology used in over 63,000 locations by more than 7,500 customers, Pimloc scales and strengthens its position as the UK’s leading video data privacy platform.

Simon Randall, CEO at Pimloc, said; “CCTV and body-worn security solutions are two of the most valuable tools enterprises have to keep staff and members of the public safe, protect premises and support the smooth running of operations. Prioritising safe data management and the privacy of individuals captured on camera must come first. The addition of Secure Redact to Marlowe’s services portfolio is a game changer for end-users, eliminating the need for costly, complex and time-consuming manual redaction. Marlowe are leading experts in the security solutions space and we are excited to be working with them – to empower businesses across healthcare, retail, hospitality and premises management to improve security, enhance operations and keep individuals’ faces and personal information confidential, at scale.”

Paul Mather, MD at Marlowe, commented; “No matter the sector, we see more and more of our customers coming to understand the importance of data security and privacy to their business and reputation. Through our new partnership with Pimloc, we can guarantee that the benefits of video security do not come at a cost to data compliance, privacy or customer and employee confidence. Pimloc is a partner that is renowned for its unparalleled expertise and they are true leaders at the intersection between technology, data privacy and security. To be announcing our partnership at Marlowe’s VIP Innovation Day, taking place here at our headquarters in Salford, Manchester, makes it all the more meaningful for Marlowe and our customers.”

About Pimloc

Pimloc is a British privacy technology company which uses advanced Machine Learning to protect visual privacy and security. The risks associated with video surveillance have fundamentally shifted – we are all unknowingly giving away our freedom by walking down the street, entering a store, going to work or watching a sports game. To counter this Pimloc is developing systems that will allow businesses and public organisations to increase security and extract valuable analytics data without compromising personal privacy. To meet this need Pimloc has developed a video privacy, redaction and analytics platform (Secure Redact) – designed for all industries, without compromising personal data privacy or security. Visit www.pimloc.com and see regular updates on LinkedIn.Pimloc

About Marlowe

Marlowe Fire & Security provides a total, end to end, fire and security solution to commercial, public sector and residential customers throughout the UK. From initial design, supply and installation, through to ongoing maintenance and monitoring, Marlowe maintain the capability to help prevent, detect and monitor your fire and security risks. Marlowe’s ongoing commitment to Compliance and Best Practice ensures that every industry standard and all current legislation is adhered to. Application of new technology for the benefit of Marlowe’s customers is a cornerstone of their business, exemplified by their Innovation Centre and 24/7 ARC which actively monitors thousands of sites, every night. Key to Marlowe’s success is the culture of connectivity that runs throughout their national operation. Marlowe believe that their greatest asset is their people.  Visit www.marlowefireandsecurity.com and see regular updates on LinkedIn.

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