Press release: A world-first, online training event for Law Enforcement

MANITOBA, CANADA – The landscape of police training has changed and the need for access to training is greater than ever. That is why a group of world-leading experts and instructors has put together the first-ever International Law Enforcement Training Summit.

The ILET Summit will be held over 5 days (July 27th-31st, 2020) and will give officers and agencies access to over 75 hours of video-training content for free. It is truly an international summit, with speakers from multiple counties and attendees from over 80 countries world-wide.

“We wanted to deliver the most useful, actionable training to officers and do it in a way that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg if they usually have to pay out of pocket,” says ILET Summit Director Adam Kinakin. “The goal is two-fold. We want to get information and training to officers and agencies who may not have access to resources during COVID-19 and we want to help raise funds to support the mental health of our officers and first responders around the world.”

One of the unique aspects of the virtual conference is that attendees, as well as agencies and departments, will be able to purchase lifetime access to the training. This includes session notes, training plans, audio-only files, and exclusive access to live Q&As held by speakers following the event.

Adam Kinakin, who is the driving force behind the event, discussed how they built-in fundraising for the summit:

“We also wanted to find a way to give back, so we decided to donate 100% of the profits to organizations that support the law enforcement and first responder community. Outside of the operational costs to host and develop the content, we are putting every dollar into supporting the mental heath and well-being of the attendees. That’s something we are very proud of.”

Attendees are able to sign-up for their free pass online and will be given weekly updates from speakers and sponsors in the lead-up to the live event. You can learn more about the International Law Enforcement Training Summit by visiting