PRESS RELEASE: City of London Crime Prevention Association Announcement

Lady Mayoress Elisabeth Mainelli recently hosted a significant lunch gathering, focused on discussing strategies to prevent violence against women and girls and Domestic Abuse. This crucial initiative was jointly chaired, with the Lady Mayoress and Don Randall MBE Chairman of the City of London Crime Prevention Association (CoLCPA) leading the discussion shedding light on the ongoing work and seeking additional support and commitments from businesses.

One of the key points of discussion by the CEO Susan Bright of Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) was the need for businesses to consider implementing a domestic abuse policy and becoming members of EIDA. Furthermore, the event served as a platform to review training and awareness programs provided by the Safer Business Network (SBN) CEO Hannah Wadey, on initiatives such as ‘Asking for Angela’ and ‘Wave: To Become Safer Havens’, which is essential to provide a safe place where people can charge their phone, call a taxi or contact family or friends. Employees were also urged to download the Safer Haven app as a measure to promote safety within the City of London.

During the gathering, there was a resounding call to action for businesses to play a pivotal role in supporting the broader dissemination of information, connecting with their employees, and raising awareness among the public. This call emphasised the vital role that businesses can play in creating safer environments and offering support to those impacted by violence.

The Lady Mayoress who is the patron of Prevent VAWG & DA, in conjunction with the contributions made by all the participants, underscore the urgent need for collaborative efforts in combating violence against women and girls. The lunch served as a significant platform for dialogue, inspiring a call for action and a united front in addressing this critical issue.

In attendance were representatives from Delinian, The Security Institute, EIDA,

City Group Security, Safer Business Network, Simten Developments, Sir Kenneth Olisa, OBE from Restoration Partners, The Rt Revd. and Rt Hon Dame Sarah Mullally, DBE Bishop of London, Goodenough College, Unispace, City of London Police, Barings, Cushman and Wakefield, Professor Katrin Kohl, City, University of London who all welcome the discussion and offered further support to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls and Domestic Abuse.

Overall, the event was a testament to the collective determination to effect meaningful change, and it is hoped that the call to action will inspire businesses to take proactive steps towards supporting and safeguarding women and girls in our communities.

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