Press release: Kestrel Guards Gains Visibility and Control Over Security Operation with Smarttask

Kestrel Guards, a SIA-approved security solutions specialist, has gained added visibility and control over its operation using employee scheduling and mobile workforce management software SmartTask. By consolidating its requirements into a single system, the company has been able to streamline and simplify internal processes to help enhance service delivery, maximise productivity and better protect security officers.

Kestrel Guards adopted SmartTask to help better plan and manage security officers by replacing a number of manual and electronic processes. Initially, SmartTask is being used across the company’s static and mobile teams working across 1,150 customer sites, with plans to roll-out the solution to its keyholding and alarm response operations moving forward.

“We looked at a number of systems, but SmartTask proved to be the most robust and functional technology that best met our needs,” explains Russell Doyle, Head of National Operations at Kestrel Guards. “We wanted an employee scheduling and mobile workforce management software solution that was web-based and scalable, so we could provide simple access to key personnel and introduce the system using a phased approach.”

SmartTask’s Intelligent Rostering is being used at each of Kestrel Guards’ offices to create weekly work schedules for a total of 350 security officers. By replacing a previous paper-based planning system and implementing consistent processes across the business, the company has reduced the time and cost required to prepare rosters. It is also enabling Kestrel Guard to view all staffing requirements centrally from its head office in Southampton, providing added control and operational insight.

An interactive dashboard provides a live view of the security operation in Kestrel Guards’ 24/7 control centre, allowing the company to monitor the delivery of contracted work and the status of all static and mobile officers. The at-a-glance visibility of attendance, check calls and security alerts, allows the company to use SmartTask to respond quickly to any issues to maintain service levels and better protect staff. The software is also enabling contracts managers to monitor relevant activity, both historically and in real-time, as well as being used for employee performance.

Meanwhile, SmartTask has allowed Kestrel Guards to offer added value services, which is helping to secure business with new and existing customers. As well as providing complete visibility of patrols – using scannable checkpoint tags along predefined routes – officers are able to undertake monitored inspections, audits and equipment checks. SmartTask-enabled smartphones record both attendance and tasks, capturing relevant information and photo evidence where necessary. Thirteen Static Guarding customers have already signed to value added services and this enhanced offering is helping win additional local and regional contracts.   

Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask commented: “Our employee scheduling and workforce management software is being selected by an increasing number of security businesses, including many of the UK’s top 30 firms. It has become the solution of choice within the marketplace based on its ability to help better, plan, manage, deliver and report on a security operation. In fact, SmartTask is proven to deliver operational improvements and efficiencies, while significantly enhancing service quality, increasing contract compliance and supporting business development.”