PRESS RELEASE: Security Industry Federation Member Dismissed for Heroic Intervention

The Security Industry Federation (SIF), a dedicated trade union for security professionals in the UK, has reported the dismissal of one of its members following an intervention to protect a vulnerable person.

This member was dismissed for briefly departing from their designated post to intervene in an incident where an individual was assaulting a vulnerable woman. With Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) being a pressing and significant concern, the action taken by the SIF member, though morally justified, was unfortunately deemed in violation of the employer’s company policy.

Despite the immediate human instinct to assist someone in potential danger, the strict adherence to company protocol regarding post maintenance and avoidance of physical intervention led to the member’s termination. This raises pressing questions regarding policy adherence versus ethical imperative in the security profession.

Highlighting the importance and timeliness of the intervention, local police extended their gratitude to the SIF member. This raises concerns about the potential conflict between corporate directives and the realities faced by security personnel in real-time scenarios.

The Security Industry Federation believes that while company policies serve a fundamental purpose, there must be room for flexibility, especially in scenarios where the well-being of individuals is at stake.

The SIF are standing by their member during this challenging time and call on the wider security industry to reflect on and, if necessary, adjust policies that might inadvertently discourage personnel from acting in the public’s best interests.

For further details or comments, please contact: Security Industry Federation

The Security Industry Federation represents security professionals across the UK, advocating for their rights, safety, and the value of their roles in public safety.

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