Product Review for the IMOU Bullet 2 Outdoor Security Camera

I asked for an IMOU camera to review and was sent an IMOU Bullet 2 Outdoor Security Camera:

First impressions, its very smart, comes nicely packaged, well protected during transit. When I opened the box my first impression was that it looked like a baby R2D2! For Trekkies like me a major plus 😊

The Bullet is very stylish, compact, and surprisingly versatile. Its portable and can be unplugged and moved around easily. The IMOU app is easy to find and install, registration is easy – from out of the box and viewing first images I timed it at about 6 minutes. That’s fast!

WiFi reception where I did the testing isn’t very reliable, however I was able to easily view images on my iPhone with no interference or drop out. Videos can be stored for later playback, again easy to do. The App was clearly designed 100% with the end user in mind, all the functions are self-explanatory and easy to use.

Night vision mode in a really dark corner of the garden worked well – the spotlight and siren function discouraged 2 foxes that decided on a midnight visit to the food compost bin. The talk function was also impressive. I didn’t test the 2 way talk function but my partner was abe to report that I could be heard clearly waffling away from my desk while she was trying to relax in the garden!

For such a compact device it has got more than enough features. There isn’t much more for me to say about this camera except I was very impressed. Good design meets great functionality!

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About the Author: Michael O'Sullivan