Product review: VizShock Personal X20P

What is the X -20P?

It’s hard to pigeon hole to be honest…

It is just 11.5cm tall so fits easily in to a purse or a jacket pocket, but it is a device of many talents.

It is a very powerful torch first of all. It is also a very handy and powerful, power pack for your USB devices. With a 5200mah battery with a full USB size output socket and a cable with a micro USB connector, it should be able to fully recharge your current generation smart phone.

The USP for this gadget is neither of these features however.

Use of a single raised sliding switch, activates an ultra loud and high pitched audible siren, as well as a blue and red, bright strobe alert, fully able to disorientate an attacker and raise the alarm. It looks very much like an American police squad car has arrived. Please don’t get any ideas about using this as some kind of means to carve through traffic. You will be arrested.

Build Quality
This is not a cheap piece of equipment. Although made in China, it is of a solid construction using good quality, grippy and tactile plastics. It has a wrist strap and a standard to micro USB cable, for both recharging the unit, and charging 3rd party devices. It is not heavy, but never the less, has a reassuringly quality feel.

VizShock Personal X20PVerdict
I bought one. Using my own hard earned money, for my Wife.
I hope she will only use it to charge her phone when it is getting a bit low, or using the torch to find a dropped earring……

But if the worse happens, and I pray it never does, I feel better knowing that she has a device at hand that is both able to raise the alarm, and deter and disorientate an attacker.

Ability: 9/10 (Ticks several boxes, but does it all very well)

Construction: 8/10 (Aluminium construction may have made this too heavy.)

Ease Of Use: 9/10 (2 Switches. That’s it!)

Value For Money: 7/10 (Expensive. But I wouldn’t give my Family any less!)

TPSO Recommended: Highly

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