Promoting Professionalism in Security: Introducing the IFPO’s Approved Training Centre in the UK

Education and certification are essential aspects that define and distinguish professionals in various fields. In the security sector, they form the cornerstone for ensuring that security personnel are not only well-trained but are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to protect individuals, properties, and businesses. The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) recognises this and has consistently advocated for professionalising the security sector.

To further the reach and depth of its mission, IFPO is taking a significant leap forward with the introduction of its Approved Training Centre (ATC) scheme. This new program aims to standardise and elevate security training, ensuring that learners across the globe can access top-notch training for the distinguished IFPO certifications: CPO (Certified Protection Officer), CSSM (Certified in Security Supervision and Management), and CPOI (Certified Protection Officer Instructor).

These programs are well established, the CPO textbook The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Trends, is in its ninth edition and the CSSM textbook, Security Supervision and Management: Theory and Practice of Asset Protection Paperback is in its fourth: both are available from Amazon.

Also support the CPO is the new IFPO Clubb app, developed in conjunction with Urim, the company behind the Protect UK app, which gives free access to the text book and 200 sample questions.

What Sets the ATC Apart?

Every ATC will not only be Corporate Members of the IFPO but will also have trainers who hold the elite CPOI certification. This means that learners will receive their training from the best in the industry – those who have reached the pinnacle of certification.

GPT Academy: Pioneering the ATC Initiative in the UK

In what is a milestone in the UK’s security sector, IFPO is proud to announce the GPT Academy as the first Approved Training Centre in the UK. Located in Halifax, GPT Academy is no stranger to quality training programs. Their extensive portfolio includes a myriad of security and safety training courses, especially those necessary for the SIA licence. Their track record in serving both regional and national organisations speaks volumes about their commitment and expertise.

At the helm of GPT’s training endeavours is Peter Clarke, their Head of Training. Peter’s drive to deliver the IFPO certifications emanates from his steadfast belief in elevating the standard of security professionals in the UK. His team’s unwavering dedication, evident in the delivery of the SIA course, aligns perfectly with IFPO’s vision.

Mike Hurst CPP CPOI, the Regional Director for IFPO Europe, expressed his admiration and support for GPT’s commitment. He commented on GPT’s dedication to providing security professionals with a clear educational trajectory that not only aids in career growth but ensures they can offer enhanced security.

The launch of the ATC, with GPT Academy leading the way in the UK, heralds a new era in security training. It is a testament to the IFPO’s dedication to raising the bar in security professionalism. With the combined efforts of IFPO and establishments like GPT Academy, the security sector is on a promising path to more comprehensive training, superior service delivery, and broader career opportunities for professionals.

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