Putting Up A Great Defence: DNA Spray Wins Big At Security Institute’s Awards

Selectamark Security Systems PLC is delighted to announce that it has won a prestigious award at The Security Institute’s Annual Awards gala dinner (18th April).

The SelectaDNA Personal Defence Spray won the Security Innovation/Product of the Year Award, which was presented to a security organisation, team or individual that has launched a product to improve security.

The award-winning DNA Tagging Spray is a compact offender marking product used to deter and prevent personal attack and criminal behaviour. Following recent high-profile instances of horrific attacks and heightened awareness of violence against women and girls, the Personal Defence Spray was developed to help women feel safer in public, and to secure the convictions of dangerous criminals who threaten them.

The spray works by covering the offender with an invisible synthetic DNA solution, marking skin and clothing for days, weeks, or even months – greatly increasing the chances of conviction. Because every solution contains a unique DNA code registered to the canister, it is easy to connect marked criminals back to specific crime scenes. Police routinely scan anybody they take into custody with UV lights, and when a marked criminal is scanned the solution shows up as a clear fluorescent blue mark.

A larger version of the handheld spray is being used by frontline staff in retail outlets (such as convenience stores and jewellery shops), door supervisors and security guards to help them feel safer in their work environments. Police are also using the sprays to combat anti-social behaviour, moped enabled crime and violent disorder.

The Security Institute is the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals and works to promote the highest standards of integrity and professional competence in the security sector.

James Brown, MD of Selectamark added: “We are delighted to win this award, and hope that it will help shine even more light on the subject of Violence Against Women and Girls, and what can be done to combat these horrible crimes.”

For more information on the SelectaDNA Personal Defence Spray, training courses or other Selectamark products please visit: www.selectadna.co.uk email sales@selectamark.co.uk or call 01689 860757.

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